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I have decided to place advertisements on this blog. I am just going to go with Google Adsense and Amazon ads. I am going to keep the ads as few I can. Since I generally don’t like ads that much. But like everyone else I need to eat and buy useless stuff from the internet. This will also help be building my own seismometer network in Iceland. For that I need money and I apparently can get money from letting Google and Amazon display ads on my blog.

I have also dedicated to put ads on my earthquake helicorders web pages. But that is going to require a little more thinking on how to do it smoothly and without annoying the users of my earthquake monitoring web pages. That is also going to help me to build a earthquake monitoring network in Iceland with time.

There is also going to be a option for donating money to me and my work if people want. But I am unsure when I finish setting that option up. But there are few weeks until that happens at least.

I am thinking this a similar format as Universe Today uses (but less annoying) and also uses today.

With this blog post on this matter I wanted to give my readers a heads up on what is coming in regards to changes to my blog and my earthquake monitoring web pages. I am going to start applying this next weekend I hope. I am unsure at this time how long time it is going to take me to fully implement this, it depends on the problem that I might challenge me on the way to implement this.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Although I think that it is definitely worth it as the cause is good. 🙂

      1. I think I’ve managed to disable adblock from this site, but I’ll know for sure when there are some up. I’m not the most computer savvy person. If not I’ll try again.

        I don’t like lots of ads, hence I installed adblock. But in order to do a little bit for a site always on my Firefox tabs sacrifices have to be made.

        Maybe someone more computer literate than me could post an idiots guide to disabling adblock for this site – might make a difference.

  2. Good for you Jón! I hope you raise enough from ads – god knows with the number of hits your site has it must be adequate – in order to pursue your interests!

  3. This is a wonderfull blog, and in my opinion it’s worth the adds. Webspace doesn’t pay for itself, so its ok in my view to put in some adds, as long as they don’t disturb from the content.

    1. I currently pay $14,99 a month for this web hosting. Currently my web page is hosted on a shared hosting solution. But if I get a lot of steady traffic it is clear that I cannot use shared hosting forever.

      Dedicated hosting is more expensive, but it is also a long term solution if I get a lot of traffic on my web sites. But for the moment that is not the case.

      My helicorders web site is hosted with my ISP and is included with my ADSL subscription. But after I move to Denmark it is going to cost me 1200 ISKR to host it there until I can move it to a new place. When ever that is going to happen.

      From the start this blog has gotten 144,626 visitors. For this month the number is so far 61,162 visitors. For my helicorders web site the number of visitors from start is 1,942,597 so far and the number for this month currently is 22,842.

      1. What do you need in terms of script-languages?
        How large storage do you need?
        How large is the traffic counted in MB/s?

        Reason why I ask is that I have an unused account (co-location) at Banhof Pionen White Mountain that I have no use for and that I got “for free” when I bought a line from them. It comes with 300GB storage, free traffic (and this is Sweden so it is free) and the normal scripting languages. I could probably whine a bit and get larger storage if it would be needed.

  4. Hi, long time lurker, first time poster. Just wanted to say please go ahead with ads if it will help support this site. As a more casual observer, I can say this is by far the most informative, unbiased site for information and interpretation I’ve seen, and thankfully free of doomsday scenarios (well, except for the occasional moon orbit postings, but you can hardly help that). Glad to see any way for it to continue!


      1. I use less then 10GB for this web site at the moment. So space is not really the issue at the moment.

        But I must ask, as I am not following your answer. What do you mean ?

      2. I meant that I have a server in the coolest nuke-proof server-hall on the planet that I am not using if you need it.
        Take a look at the video 🙂
        Imagine to have your site at the same place as Wikileaks, PirateBay and a bunch of ultra-corps.

      3. Thanks for the offer. But I don’t need a nuke proof hosting at the moment.

        If I do then you know something is up. As nuke proof hosting has only one use for me. Long term storage or a archive use for protection from hazard conditions.

      4. Although some of you Swedes seem to be among the nicest people on the planet, I have to wonder if there is a “catch” to this offer? Will Jon have total privacy with his passwords etc etc if he uses this server? Sorry to be suspicious but it all sounds too good to be true!

    1. The domain is $14,99 a year and the monthly cost of the hosting is $14. But this is the cheapest that I am ready to go with this. As too cheap can lead to problems and issues.

      1. Ah, but Banhof is the best, and I have that server just standing there, so might just “give it” away for some worthy cause.

        And it is also totally quake, eruptions and nuke-proof:)

        Just holler if you want it.

      2. Please check out Doteasy hosting: It’s a one time fee of $35.00- nothing due after that ever again! That’s why I got it. However, I don’t know how much MB or GB internet traffic it allows per day or per month.

        PLUS: If you give us your paypal email address, we can paypal you donations immediately- as in like tomorrow or just in time for Yule;)

      3. I am going to setup a special donation page next weekend. Just keep a look out for it.

        But I might not be ready to accept donation at that time. So the page might well just end up in working mode at that time.

      1. Yepp, that is why we love it so much. But it was not cheap 🙂

        I really wanted to sit down and pat a white siames cat when I was the first time in the conference room. Call me Carl Stavro Blofeld.

    2. Wow, this is incredible! Given the likelihood of a major eruption in Iceland soon (from what I read, the experts think maybe within 3 years?), maybe you should at least back-up your blog data here. Maybe you should also have an evacuation fund too, although the wind usually pushes the ash south, s.e. or southwest.

  5. Ok, but paypal is so easy. They give you the code for the paypal button and then you get the money instantly. Plus, you don’t have to use your private email address, I use a gmail address for mine.

    Btw, I’m happy with the server, although it doesn’t seem to allow for high web traffic. I pay $13 a year for my domain name renewal at another company. Like I said, I paid $35 per year which was a ONE TIME fee- nothing after that for webhosting at The link for that specific offer is tricky to find, let me know if you need it or you can use their site contact form. I think they are a Canadian company, btw.

  6. ?? Jon Is this anything significant happening in the Staöarsraör area??
    RSOE Emergency and Disaster Information Service
    posted UTC 11/11/2010 – 03:41:20
    One visitor of the RSOE EDIS – Martijn Eijbersen from Rotterdam – observed a geological activity on a NASA satellite RAPID FIRE system’s photograph on 10/11/2010. We’re waiting for confirmation currently, which confirms the possibility of volcanic eruption. A NASA systems satellite image link and the photo is attached.

    NASA RAPID FIRE photo url –

  7. Jón: Do what you think is best for you. We follow. No need to express once again my opinions to this excellent blog. Thanks.
    Tide is coming vigorously into Jokülsárlón. Amazing.

  8. Jón: I have been following your blog for couple of weeks now and if you set up a donation page, I’ll be happy to donate -lets say 20€ -immidiately.
    Thanks for excellent blog.

  9. @Sigrun above:


    We, the company in question own the server and are as such both responsible and liable for the content on it. The same as any other ISP.
    No ISP is totally without access anywwhere for that reason.
    Always remember that the server owners always have master access to your sites, and that is required by law everywhere on the planet. Most though have contracts that gives and assures privacy for the customer.
    So yes, Jón would have access to his own passwords. He would have to sign a contract stating what he cannot put on the server. If he puts such content on it we would of course have the right to remove it via masterpassword, but as long as he does not go bonkers and place pedophilia on it we would never do that. And since we are Swedes that would be about the only thing he could do to get banned. Actually, with one addendum, if there is hate-crime content we would also do it. I am a very astute anti-rasist and it is also illegal in Sweden. But everything else, feel free. Remember that we are talking about a company that hosts Wikileaks and PirateBay without giving out information. We are talking about the Fort Knox of ISPs… And the particular company that owns the actual server in question is one of the largest customers and share-hoalder in Banhof.
    Remember that I am offering him this server for free on the same terms as I would rent it out to anyone else as an ISP. The difference being that we would sponsor Jón with it since I find it a worthy cause. Same as I/we the Companies sponsor a lot of scientific causes around the planet that we find worthy of our help.


    1. @Carl le Strange: Thanks for the additional info! Your super server looks a lot better than’s. Well, you have me convinced that you are good guys but this is not my blog obviously. Plus, seeing that it’s Jón ‘s blog to do with as he wishes- I think that I have said more than enough on this subject here already. Thanks again for your explanation.

    1. Oh my…
      Well, sometimes it is a bit obvious that I am not a native english speaker… 🙂
      But, I didn’t do as one of my collegues and said the “We are looking after the little people…” thingy…

  10. Jón, you did not announce that the paypal link was up here and I almost missed it!
    Just sent something now, sorry I could not do more.

    1. I did not want to put up special post just for that. I did not have time this weekend to setup the ads. I that there is going to be time next weekend.

      Thanks for your support. 🙂

      1. Thanks again Jón! This is the best blog for Icelandic volcanoes on the web. I’ve checked the others and they do not compare to your’s. Plus you have highly intelligent people mixing educational info with brilliant humor posting here, like the infamous Dr. le Strange. Good luck to the continuing success of your blog.

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