Money needed for buying two geophones has been reached!

I just want to know that the amount needed to buy two new geophones has been reached. So far total of 7,341.86 DKK has been collected. But I needed 6,731.18 DKK to buy two geophones. This however does not cover the cost of 25,5% VAT and possible customs that I might have to pay. Update 1: I am also missing one of the PC computers that I need to run the software for the data collections from the geophones. How I solve that problem is unclear at the moment. There is a computer ready on the Eyrarbakki geophone location. As the man how is going to house the geophone and the hardware for me there is in computers and had one spare computer at least.

This thing here is just a repeat of a comment that I made earlier.
Finally good news about my financial status.

I am going to get paid a computer job that I was working on for several weeks. That is a good amount that is going to cover my cost on moving back to Denmark. But that is why I am not going to touch that money. But given the circumstance this month I am going to give my self a loan of that money at 0% interest to cover this month and the import of the two new geophones if donations do not cover this on there own. The loan is going to get paid back into that account when I am finished paying up my debt with the bank. I hate to do this. But for the moment it is the only way that I have to make my financial work in reality. I鈥檝e been the other path and I am still cleaning up that mess!

This still however leaves out paying up my debt in the next few months and it is clear that I cannot cut into this money that I am just earning now . As that would just leave me worse off then I already am. I don鈥檛 want that.

But at least the worries that I had about the cost of moving to Denmark are over. I am happy about that for a change.

I want to thank everyone that donated for this. When the time comes there is a e-book about volcano in it for those how donated. Just drop me a email if you want one of the e-book when the time comes (I can register you for the future release, that is no problem). I do not yet know when I finish writing and releasing them. But I hope that is sooner then later. This also goes for people how donate directly into my Danish bank account. But you have to send me email if you do donate that way. As the bank might not let me know if I get a money that way.

Blog post updated at 15:29 UTC.

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    1. Added something too. Contrats on the progress. Maybe Katla willl add to the book with a VE +4. Carl, Diana, Lurking, i owe you a beer too.

  1. Jon, you’re doing such a great job. Don’t worry about having to explain yourself, I just hope you have enough left over to buy yourself a beer sometime soon 馃檪

  2. Hi Jon – Ref Carl’s suggestion of putting an affiliate program in place for flights, you might find the following links useful and could apply:-

    I think you only need one affiliate program to accept you, and for those of us who need to fly and travel regularly, makes no difference whether we book through here or any other povider – just like amazon, we can go through your link here.

    1. Thanks for the links. I bookmarked both sites and I am going to look into them tonight before I sign up.

      I was already thinking about this option that Carl did mention. But I had no idea where to find this type of programs.

      1. I think this is a very good idea from Carl. It might make you financial independent so that you can do the things you want to do. And there are more possibilities too. If not yet there, you can make them yourself! Sometimes I see ads from a store which sells typical Icelandic things like 100% pure wool blankets. You might ask them a provision of stuff they sell through this site. The winter is coming now and who would not like a warm, cosy Icelandic (sheep)wool blanket to get through it?

      2. I also leave some suggestions. The blog titles have to be friendly to search engines (google for SEO friendly url), it will increase your traffic. I notice that you have Amazon ads, but they dont make sense, you have to target them to your audience, volcanoes! Books, movies, etc. about volcanoes, etc. Amazon tools allows you to do it. Iceland ads from travel industry is a good idea too. Not miraculous tips , but maybe help something.

      3. I do not think that one can do a better job of getting high ratings for a blog than J贸n have done, it pops up in the most odd searches I do.
        This is quite possible due to the high amount of inlinking that is done to the Blog in all those pesky articles… 馃檪

  3. Okay, ebookers works for me, seems to blow chunks (at least for me).
    I checked ebookers quite thoroughly and both airlines I use to go to Stockholm was affiliated and also the ones I use to London. There was also all the major airlines I use to go to other places.
    I could even get a nice ticket price to go to Reykjavik from Northern Sweden 馃檪

    1. They are broadcasting a old video of Katla volcano from this summer (June I think). Check the date and time at the bottom of the video. But that is just plain strange from my point of view to do so. They could have just broadcast a static picture if the camera is down.

      Live feed can be found here,

      1. Oh yes they have fooled me! It an old video from june or august (too unsharp to read the date).
        Hope they will repair it because it had a better view than the Mila cam, I think.

    1. I’d be happy to accept that amount as a donation toward my going on a round the world trip, but if you’ve got that sort of cash hanging around spare you could do worse than giving Jon a chunk to get geophone and some dinner 馃檪

      1. Actually, they just didn’t write well, they where mixing up the micro-eruption in the summer with the upcoming eruption. Took me a while to notice that they where not writing that it erupted now.
        But it was an alarmist article all the same and not good at all.

  4. The positive thing about the Mila webcam is that I can watch it on my Ipad! So I can relax and drink my Drambuie while watching Katla 馃槈

      1. And to the White Russian I am listening to Kurt Adametz music to the moving Ges盲use – The Roaring Mountains.
        If anyone has Spotify you can listen to it. Search for:
        Kurt Adametz ORF Universum Vol.9

        Fantastic classic music, fitting a volcano.

      2. That’s much better… I am watching Netherlands-Moldavi毛 Or actually my husband is. Watching to Katla all night is more firework than watching this game 馃槈

  5. Hi J贸n
    If you want I have a Gigabyte motherboard with a AMD 2.5 processor and 4 gig of ram. You can use it to build a computer if you want. The stuff is about 3 years old and still works fine. and I am from Iceland

  6. Join the hacklab in Rekyavik, they’re sure to have old computer parts lying around you could salvage, and it’d probably not be too expensive.

  7. The news article indicates in several places that the s0-called Katla “eruption” was in July. I agree they could/should have done a much better job to clarify that whatever occurred then was most likely very minor. But the overall message is O.K. with me…in that now (as in today) would be a good time to prepare a plan if/when she really does explode as we think she will.
    I think the European managers are better prepared since last Spring’s chaos, but here in the U.S., where our weather and air traffic might be affected as well, we have done very little/nothing.

    1. Not too sure Europeans are better prepared, although most large businesses do have basic disaster recovery planning for small local events. Most were caught out by Lady E and have no concept of what a larger eruption could produce.

      1. I am also not so sure about the preparedness of the Europeans. The eruptions of Grimsv枚tn earlier this year didn’t show much of it.

      2. Depending on the size is correct, an Eyja eruption is not a problem for a large company, nor most small for that matter.
        But… A larger one, say on the scale of Laki, well, then it is actually hard to do anything that is usefull. Than you need the resources of a well prepared state.

  8. El Hierro is still in on the action:

    1103728 07/10/2011 19:52:18 27.6784 -18.0293 13 2.3 mbLg SW EL PINAR.IHI
    1103729 07/10/2011 19:45:12 27.6844 -18.0277 13 2.1 mbLg SW EL PINAR.IHI
    1103723 07/10/2011 19:39:13 27.5687 -18.0298 38 2.0 mbLg SW EL PINAR.IHI
    1103727 07/10/2011 19:33:20 27.6544 -18.0294 13 2.4 mbLg SW EL PINAR.IHI
    1103722 07/10/2011 19:29:35 27.6746 -18.0285 13 2.5 mbLg SW EL PINAR.IHI
    1103721 07/10/2011 18:52:49 27.6783 -18.0544 16 1.7 mbLg SW EL PINAR.IHI
    1103720 07/10/2011 18:51:54 27.6719 -18.0502 12 1.6 mbLg SW EL PINAR.IHI
    1103719 07/10/2011 18:35:48 27.6477 -18.0459 11 1.7 mbLg SW EL PINAR.IHI
    1103717 07/10/2011 18:14:43 27.6757 -18.0413 14 2.3 mbLg SW EL PINAR.IHI
    1103718 07/10/2011 18:11:06 27.6580 -18.0524 15 2.1 mbLg SW EL PINAR.IHI
    1103716 07/10/2011 18:03:09 27.6723 -18.0340 10 1.6 mbLg SW EL PINAR.IHI
    1103714 07/10/2011 18:01:07 27.6594 -18.0209 13 1.7 mbLg SW EL PINAR.IHI
    1103715 07/10/2011 17:45:05 27.6610 -18.0342 13 2.6 mbLg SW EL PINAR.IHI
    1103710 07/10/2011 16:37:31 27.6686 -18.0493 13 1.8 mbLg SW EL PINAR.IHI
    1103709 07/10/2011 16:10:48 27.6692 -18.0370 14 2.0 mbLg SW EL PINAR.IHI

      1. When it starts to move, it will probably move quickly. Question seems to more of when, then anything else.
        My guess is that it will erupt withing less than 3 months.

      2. 9E+11 vs 5E+9. almost 500 times more than Katla, if i understand it correctly…

      3. Yes, but then Katla is more used to giving birth to eruptions. Ie, it has erupted more often and closer in time then El Hierro.
        Katla is at 1,2e+14… 5e+9 is for this year only. The total cumulative is much much higher for Katla.

      4. How does this compare energy wise, for example, to TNT? I tried to look at Wiki but besides laughing that one gram of TNT = 980鈥1100 calories (which reminds me not to eat very much) it didn’t help me understand. Could someone kindly explain in dummies/layman’s terms how we can think/see this.

        I presume there will be a lot of caveats, but the rice/tomato sauce analogy I understood.

        Which reminds me… Katla has ‘erupted’ 3 times since ’99 but very minor. From what I understand this could be magma intrusion or heating the rock causing J枚kulhlaup. The way I have understood this, and I admit I could be very wrong, is the ice effectively stopped the release in a similar way to toothpaste getting crusty at the top and stopping anything coming out of the tube (or sills). The magma then finds another, easier, way through but can take time. The magma is viscous but not ‘fluid’ so it’s not like forcing water into a hole.

        The eruptions have been in different areas of the Caldera (is there a map of where the 99-11 failed eruptions were focused on?). The quakes we see are pressure from below trying to blow these ‘caps’ until a weak spot allows the magma to force it’s way through. Plus there is the glacier itself acting as a nice cap and cooling the magma/rock which I imagine like placing a red hot needle (or worm) into an ice-cube. The ice has effectively blocked that particular route, however this could also be a future weak spot?

        This is why I am interested where the July cauldrons are focussed (+any others for the past few years) and how they are relative to the recent swarms.

        Apologies if I am asking what has been asked already several before.

        On a side note, I do wonder sometimes if the sheep are conspiring and are deliberately moving the GPS so we think there is inflation (would explain a lot of lateral movement) 馃槈

      5. @ Craig M.

        Myself, I prefer cheeseburgers.

        1 newton meter = 1 joule

        9E+11 Joules is about 14.3 kilotons of TNT.

        Or, 600,225 Cheeseburgers (1,436,538 Twinkies)

        5E+9 Joules is about 0.080 kilotons of TNT (80 tons)

        Or, 3,375 Cheeseburgers (8,078 Twinkies)

      6. *mega-rofl*
        You should be teaching physics, no kid ever would forget that example 馃檪
        I think you just invented the Twinkometer for seismic release!

  9. We are expecting to see the following in the UK solely due to the cold weather you are having in Iceland. Extract from the BBCs website:

    “Leading into the weekend the winds will turn north-westerly and for a while come straight out of Greenland and Iceland, providing ideal conditions for swans, ducks and geese to leave, so we should see a significant arrival of whooper swans, greylag, pink-footed, barnacle and pale-bellied brent geese and wigeon and teal. We could also see the first big arrival of Icelandic redwings.”

    Not too sure how many of these will arrive in London but I’ll keep my eyes open.

    1. I would say it is a sure sign of an eruption coming closer rather quickly. But… Thing is that we do not really know how much pounding Katla can take before starting to blow chunks.
      But it is not good.

      1. Off to bed now so good night all.

        Have a quiet night in Iceland; or, if it’s not quiet, it’s because you are partying, rather than Katla.

    1. That link didn’t work you know.
      Could be something gushing out into it, after all there has been some activity. Could also be melting snow bringing it into the river.

      1. Darn, those links never do, source of info blue hydrology tab from IMO home page. Mukalvisi V089. Yeah it could be any number of things, the upward trend seems to have stopped so I doubt it’s anything to worry about.

      2. I think there’s a problem with the data as now the graph looks totally different with a reading of 133 碌S/cm. Gremlins.

      3. Now it’s back to as I first stated, someone is having a giraffe at my expense here!


        Raflei冒ni (碌S/cm) 249.9
        Vatnsh忙冒 ( waterlevel cm above sealevel) 145.1 more or less stays the same, definently an elevation in conductivity. People in Vestmannaeyjar have said they smell sulphur coming their way in the last couple of days.

      5. Vestmannaeyjar? If they can smell it the gas-content is really elevated. I wish that the IMO had opted for deploying gas meters. Both Hekla and Katla seems to be prime candidates for that since they seem to stink before erupting.

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