Strong earthquake in Presthnjúkar volcano

One of the most quiet volcanoes in Iceland is Presthnjúkar. That seems to be about to change. Yesterday (23-June-2022) at 22:12 an earthquake with magnitude of Mw4,6 and aftershock of Mw3,7 took place in the volcano. It was felt over a large part of south and west and north Iceland because of its central location.

Two green stars on top of each other along with few orange dots in Presthnjúkar volcano marked by a elongated circle on map showing the Langjökull glacier. North-east of Presthnjúkar is the Hveravellir volcano
Earthquake activity in Presthnjúkar volcano. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

It is difficult to know what is going on there, since the history of this volcano is poorly known. Few minor eruptions took place there sometimes between the years 700 to the years 900 or around those years. At this stage it is impossible know if an new eruption cycle has started or is about to start in this area. Given the activity south-west of Presthnjúkar volcano. That possibly should not be ruled out for now.