Support to buy two geophones stations for Eyrarbakki and Katla volcano

I am asking for donations so that I can buy two geophone stations for Eyrarbakki town for SISZ and Reykjanes monitoring. The second geophone goes close to Katla volcano so I can monitor what happens there. The total cost is like this just for the basic geophone hardware. Not counting computers and other costs that I have too cover.

2 – PSN-ADC-USB Version III (USB version) = $175.00 each, total = $350.00
2 – PSN-ADC-EQAMP with 3 channels = $145.00 each, total = $290.00
2 – Mounting Kits @ $10.00 each, total = $20.00
2 – Garmin GPS 18x LVC OEM Timing System @ $80.00 each, total = $160.00
2 – Metal Enclosure @ $50.00 each, total = $100.00
2 – L15B Used Geophone with wires @ $110.00 each, total = $220.00
Shipping = $88.00
Total = $1228.00USD (904.600EUR, 6,731.18 DKK)

Amount at the moment (13:35 UTC, 1 October, 2011): 3,926.44 DKK

The hardware that I want to buy can be looked at here (pictures).

This donation button allows people to donate in USD. Use the donation button on the sidebar to donate in Euro.

So far I got 1,045.81 DKK in donations. But I also need some for the custom and VAT when I import this to Iceland. But I am sure think that the custom is going to 10% on some of this and the VAT rate is 25,5% of the price (plus customs). I am no good in math, so I am not sure how much amount this is going to be. I also want to buy backup power if I can, but that costs 101,69USD, 553,04DKK, 74,33EUR, 11950ISK.

I also need two computers. But those I need to get from somebody that lives in Iceland. They need to be able to run Windows XP and that needs to be legal too. Other versions of Windows are good too. But they have to support IPv6, as I plan to move my whole geophone network to IPv6 soon as it is supported by the software that I use. I plan to set-up this two new geophones soon as I can.

Update 1: About the PC issue that has been discussed in comments. If anyone has a suggestion about a embedded hardware that is cheap and might even run Windows XP (a minimal if I am too use that). Please let me know in the comments. I am also willing to run embedded linux software on the remote stations if it works with the software that I am using. That software is WinSDR.

Donations in other currencies (by request)

Danish Krona, DKK.

British Pound, GBP.

Swedish Krona, SEK.

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Sadly, no new geophone station at Thorgrimsstadir today

Due to technical and space issues. I am not going to setup a new geophone station at Thorgrimsstadir today. Currently I am looking for a new location for the new geophone station in the area of Hvammstangi with the people I know that might be interested in housing this type of hardware.

I however hope to get a geophone station at Thorgrimsstadir up and running in about one year time or so. At least I hope so.

A new geophone station added to the webicorder web page

I have added a new geophone station to the webicorder web page. The station name is Þorgrímsstaðir (Thorgrimsstadir). Tomorrow the station is going to it’s correct location. But for the next few hours I am going to run it at home for some testing and set-up proposes. At current time it does not have a GPS clock, so I won’t use the data from it until I have a GPS clock to get both location and time with atom accuracy.

This station is going to replace the Hvammstangi geophone in February 2011. But until Hvammstangi geophone goes off-line I am going to have both station online.

New Geophone station (hopefully) starting in January 2011

I am going to setup a new Geophone station in January 2011. The station is going to be located on the Vatnsnes peninsula where i currently live (Hvammstangi). But it is going to be located on a remote farm in that area.

I still need to by few things for this station. What I am currently missing is a GPS clock (going to buy that in two weeks time or so), WLAN hardware and antennas for getting a WLAN signal over 500 meters distance and a PC for the software that reads the data from the geophone. If everything works out I should be able have the station up and running before I move to Denmark. This station is going to take over the job of Hvammstangi geophone station that I currently have at my home.

Geophone network computer update complete

I have finished updating the geophone network computer. Everything is now back to normal and the webicorders should now update normally.

There are minor issues remaining on my geophone network computer. But that is related to lack of hard disk space. That issue is going to be fixed on later date.

Upgrade to the geophone network computer

I am going to perform a system upgrade to the Geophone network computer tonight. This upgrade is simple. I am moving from Windows 2000 to Windows XP. This update should not take any longer then 2 to 5 hours if I am lucky.

Let’s just hope that there is no big earthquake activity while this upgrade takes place. As everything is going to be off-line while this update takes place.