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February 2017 is going to be a difficult month in terms of money. Due to two bills that I got and that was out of my control why this did happen. This is also happening because I’m lowering my overdraft at the bank fast for few months, until I slow down a bit (when I’m back to my planned levels). The good news is that I have finished paying up tax debt from 2014 with the Danish tax, its finished and is never coming back.

The bills I still haven’t paid are this ones.

  • The internet bill, it’s in automatic payment and is paid on Monday 6th February (I can manually pay the bill until 28th of February). That bill is 2.492,83 DKK (335,13€).  Due to some bill problem (for me) my internet company in Denmark didn’t send me a bill for several months and are now charging for 7 month period. I did complain about this, since I’m not happy about this as it creates problem for me. It was also at the worst time, during the period when I was paying down my debt that higher rate than normal.
  • The electricity bill is 2011,95 DKK (270,48€). The good news here is that I can afford this due to Amazon U.S payments that I’ll get in few days I think. But once I’m finished paying this I’ll be out of money to buy food for the rest of the month. I have until 15th of February to pay the electricity bill. The electricity bill this month is this high since they are adding up debt that was collected during last year (due to billing problems at the electricity company). I already had paid something into it (thankfully), but I still had unpaid around 1.500 DKK (201,68€). This happens due to high electricity usage that I have (running all those computers costs a bit of money in terms of electricity).

I find this type of problem stressful and I’m not happy about it, since it has the negative side effect of ruining my carefully planned plans. If anyone can help me with this month money problems a donation is welcomed. Since without it I’m going to be without internet at worst. One thing is for sure, I might run into problem buying food this month. I’m not sure how to deal with that, thankfully I have something in my freezer to use.

Thanks for the support. 🙂

Update on donations

I wanted to post this little update on donations (for a change). Current donations of 410€ allow me to pay all the internet bill without any problems. The rest is almost enough to pay the electricity bill in full (I don’t have around 700 DKK [~94€] so that I can pay the electricity bill). I don’t have the full amount to pay it at the moment, but once the Amazon U.S checks clear the bank I’m going to be able to pay it and have some left to buy food this month. The reason why I don’t have the full amount at the moment is that I had to buy food for next week at least, I buy based on current offers in the store and I buy enough so that I can put in my freezer.

Update on donations (08.02.2017)

Thanks to donations I should be able to pay the electric bill in full on Friday and have little thing left to use until the Amazon U.S checks are paid out by my bank in Iceland. I’m happy that this issue got resolved with help from people.

Thanks for all that support.

Server maintenance

The server needs to be upgraded due to it running a updated versions of php, mysql and other software. This update update is going to happen tonight (I hope) after 23:00 UTC (on 03.02.2017 until 04.02.2017) at the earliest and might run as long to 09:00 UTC. During that time access to this website might be limited or none at all.

Update on server maintenance

The server software is going to be updated from 23:00 UTC today (04.02.2017). It is expected that the update is going to take 2 hours at least if no other issues happens.

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I wish everyone a happy new year 2017

I wish everyone a happy new year 2017 and I hope that year is good, with not too many up and downs. I have had a difficult year in 2016, with loosing my grandpa (on my father side, he was 85 years old and lost to cancer) and my step-father (57 years old) in a single year. The recovery is slow, but it is going to happen. As everything that hurts one in a sufficient way, this is going to leave a scar that is going to fade over time, but that is going to happen slowly over decades, not years.

I can’t say that for my parts that 2016 was a good year for me. I hope for that reason the year 2017 is going to be a better one. At least I can hope so. With that I wish everyone a happy new year 2017 and I hope that people can make the best of out if it, regardless what happens in next 365 days.

Article schedule

December 31: No new articles unless a major earthquake swarm or eruption happens.
January 1, 2017: Same as above.
January 2, 2017: Normal schedule if anything happens.

I wish everyone a happy Christmas

I wish everyone a happy Christmas. I hope that people have it good over the holidays.

Post schedule

Here is the schedule for the next few days.

24-December-2016: No new articles unless a major earthquake swarm or an eruption happens.
25-December-2016: Same as above.
26-December-2016: Same as above.
27-December-2016: Normal schedule if anything happens.

Please remember to support my work with donations

Like everything “free” on the internet, I need to have income from my work in order to pay my bills, for the hosting, electricity at the home, the rent and the list goes on and on. Running a website is not free, it takes time and a lot of effort to run a good informative website.

Since the year 2012 I’ve been dealing with a bit of financial problem. Due to debt and low income of social welfare I’ve been having problem keepings things in proper balance in terms of financially, I have normally just worked with it in a such way that I delay things, like delaying the failing hard drive on my computer or going to the dentist (they are really expensive). What has kept me a float for the past few years are donations from people that read my articles and the work I put into it. The low income has kept in a state of debt, I’m far from happy about it since debt cost a lot of money that I would like to spend on other things (like upgrading the server for this website).

When I got to Iceland few days ago I had to buy a new laptop, the original explanation is below (saves me from writing it up again).

—- From 14-December-2016 —-

Few weeks ago I got a hardware donation (as always, I’m thankful for the support), a laptop from 2009 that was in used condition. Unfortunately that laptop had faults that made it unusable for me, faults that I’m sure previous owners did not know of, but made it such that I was unable to use it when I travel. So I have now bought a new laptop at the price of 748,83€ (89.950,00 ISK). The problem is that my attempt to get a loan failed, since I’m living in Denmark (new system based on new laws targeted at payday loan companies that appeared in Iceland after the recession in 2008) and the new system does not allow for a loan payments (besides bank) for Icelanders living outside Iceland. My business bank in Iceland helped me buying the computer, since without the computer I cannot work (writing about volcanoes in Iceland and other things). The main problem starts in January-2017 on how to pay for the computer (and buy food and pay all the bills at the same time, I’m working on a solution in the case I can’t pay it all at once [current chance of that is 98%]). If people want to help me with this hardware buying they can do so with donation, since I plan to let as much of donation as I can go up to this payment (debt) until it is paid down. Thanks for the support. ?

Note: Currently I’m having money issue (since 2012 actually due to interactions of many issues and problems), since hardware has been failing due to old age in the last few weeks and months. There is not much I can do about but to respond to it best to my abilities and those abilities are limited at the moment. I have a plan to resolve this debt issue by 2018 (majority of it) and the rest in 2019 and 2020 if needed.


I got some donations (thanks!), but that only covered less than half of what the laptop did cost me. It helps, but I still have a lot to pay in February when the payment is due (at the earliest). I’ve like to pay the whole thing soon as possible. Along with trying to solve my other money issue. But one thing at the time, first I need to pay for the laptop. What the laptop does is to allow me to work while I’m not home and keep this website updated as needed.

People are free to donate if they can. I understand that fully if people can’t afford to support my work, since I’m far from being the only broke person in the world today. Those how don’t want to use PayPal can donate directly, information for direct donations can be found here.

Thanks for the support. 🙂

Please remember to support my [Iceland geology] work with donations

Running this website over the past few years has bee a lot of work, since the activity in Iceland in 2011 has been higher than anyone expected. This means that I spend a lot of time watching and seeing if anything is going on, both when it comes to Icelandic volcanoes. This is hard work and I spend a lot of hours working, most of this work is just trying to figure out what is going on and analyse data if I can.

If you can, please remember to support my work with donations. If for some reason you can’t use the PayPal button I have this two other options available on the Donation website. Using the Amazon advertisement to buy also helps, its just a little slower then direction donations.

Thanks for the support. 🙂

Thanks for the patience and understanding

I want to thank my readers for the patience and the understanding of the quiet period following the sudden passing of my step-father on 11th of July 2016. This past month has been difficult for me and my family and the recovery process is far from complete, but I’m doing my best to live with the new reality with my step-father.

Life is never going to be the same for me, this is however just how the world works and I’ll have to live with it.

Announcement: No new articles until at least 29th July

Due to the sudden passing of my step father on 11th of July there are not going to be any new updates until at least 29th July, possibly not until 16th of August. I just don’t know yet. I am going to Iceland for the funeral and other things that follow this whole thing.

I’m going to set-up a automatic posts for people can continue comment if something happens (they won’t appear on Facebook or Twitter). If comment get stuck in moderation or go to spam. I’ll do my best to free those comment once I see them. Internet connection is not good at my mother place so I don’t know how that goes once I’m there and my laptop is in really bad shape.

Automatic articles are going to appear on this days. They are going to be marked as such.

14th July
29th July
12th August