New video of Fimmvörðuháls craters and lava fields

Rúv News continues to show small bits of the area on Fimmvörðuháls that did erupt last year (2010) with lava fountains and Hawaiian type eruption.

It has been over one year since the eruption in Fimmvörðuháls took place. But the lava fields there are still warm and steaming. But they also have there share of dangerous gases too.

The news from Rú

Dularkraftur á Fimmvörðuhálsi (Rú, Icelandic, video ,Windows Media Player required). Here is a direct link too the video.

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  1. Great video, Jón.
    I don’t remember if you were at the site during the first effusive event.
    I have a very good memories of the nights spent watching the lava flowing from it. Amazing to see how it is still “cooking”.

  2. Jon:

    What’s up with Grimsfjäll thermally, is the thermal activity still high?

    1. I do not know what is up with Grímsfjall volcano. Besides increased hydrothermal activity. I don’t have any good explanation why the tremor chart behaves the way it does.

      1. I think it may even be water boiling somewhere in the crater lake.

  3. I think the recent earthquakes have been very exciting, a (small, but still) earthquake swarm in Katla, which was followed by several >15km depth-quakes. The last one was even 23km deep, that’s moho-touchdown I believe!

    1. I’m interested in what Katla does this summer with the melting. Historically, there is a correlation to Katla erupting during the summer melt and there is some theories re: why this is, the most prominent is the elliptical shape of the icecap allowing magmatic pressure to build during the icecap thinning.

      I think the process of magma movement was accellerated last summer and perhaps this summer, the last straw?

      1. BTW… since this data wraps around upon itself, keep in mind that the bar in the 0 to 30 day window could just as easily be interpreted as being after the 300 to 330 bar.

        Also note that the 330 to 360 window didn’t plot due to a lack of data. (I just noticed it)

        So… RonF is both wrong and accurate in his statement.

        It just depends on how you look at it.

        (personally I just tilt my head to one side and squint)

      2. I just remember reading it several places so the off-hand quote was pure memory, although I can see from your chart that there is correlation during the “warmer” months or just thereafter (noting Oct)

        Thanks for the nifty chart 🙂

        Lurk, have you noticed all the activity on the CA-NV border and in the Mono/Southern Sierra area…and now some 3.0+ near Reno. Seems this whole area has picked up a lot in the last several months. Haven’t been able to find much info on this increased activity over such a wide area.

      3. “activity on the CA-NV border and in the Mono/Southern Sierra area”

        Yeah… I have my own theory about that. But it’s best kept close to the chest or else I’ll look quite like a loon.

      4. The data is based on 12 eruptions (monthly average 1, one-sigma error 1). For a sample this small, you really can not state anything meaningfull. You’d need at least 100 eruptions to state something (monthly average 8.3 with one-sigma error of ±2.9 i.e. a hint in the data) in relation to seasons, and at least 1000 eruptions to get any statistically meaningfull distribution (average 83, one-sigma error 9.1).

        Also, the peak in the autumn (3 eruptions) is:
        1. Within three-sigma error.
        2. Too late to be related to meltig snow/ice.
        3. Too early to be related to freezing of ground.

        I’d say let’s just wait for the next show to start.

      5. The only problem with the 100 eruptions part… is that there are only 12 in the list that have anything close to “some day of the year” attached.

        I think it’s commonly called a “lack of data.” 😀

        Which… when you think about it, supports my “Not necessarily” statement.

        Can’t say that it is, can’t say that it isn’t… but it’s got a lean to it.

    1. This is not the largest volcano in Japan (both in volume, size and eruption force), because that should be the Kutcharo caldera I believe.

  4. Sakura-jima erupts on a regular basis so much so that the entire nearby farming town has an entire elaborate system for early warning, evacuation, diversion channels and subsequent clean up. They are just used to regular eruptions

  5. Does anyone know if there is another web cam for Eyjafjallajokull as the main one has been down for a bit of time now?

  6. Let’s see if Katla does something this summer. Iceland certainly does not want an eruption. And I am not sure if I also want one (because I live in South Iceland). I think Hekla or again Eyjafjallajokull would be just fine.

    1. Grímsvötn would be fine too. In fact I would prefer to watch Grímsvötn. It seems safer to me and less likely to hurt people.

  7. Hmm another M2.3 earthquake in grimsfjall..
    Also some deep quakes between Katla and Eyjafjallajokull..
    Only small ones but I want to see some activity so I am already happy with small ones 😛


  8. be very careful for what ya’ll are wishing for. Trust me, you don’t want to see even a tiny peep out of any of these monsters oh people of lilliput

    1. You misunderstand. When it gets quiet in Iceland then I get nervous. Because it means that there is a lock down in the faults that cross Iceland.

      It normally resumes with a whole a lot of noise when the silence is broken.

      1. That, or the past 10 years have been geologically rather busy years for Iceland (2000 & 2008 earthquakes, 2000 Hekla eruption, 2004 Grimsvotn, 2010 Eyjafjallajokull) and the stress already has been released.

      2. Can you say, that this is much less than normal quiet times? Based on what evidence?

  9. Offtopic: Jon, is it me did you change something so that when I click a link to the latest post, it doesn’t turn purple when read.

  10. A earthquake swarm in Turkey and Greece, Crete. The largest earthquake in Turkey was Mb5.8 and the largest earthquake in Crete was Mw5.0.

  11. Today again some deep earthquakes around eyjafjallajokull, could this be new magma intruding in the system? Since the conduit is probably still open it wont involve a lot of earthquakes I guess..? Any thoughts?


  12. The world as we know it, is supposed to end tomorrow (according to some religious fanatics in the USA). We” see again on Sunday at the latest… ;o)

    1. “My principles in brief, are, that Jesus Christ will come again to this earth, cleanse, purify, and take possession of the same, with all the saints, sometime between March 21, 1843 and March 21, 1844”

      William Miller

  13. The entire island is a hot bed of hot burps which confirms my original hypothesis that this is part of the end days

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