New video of Eyjafjallajökull volcano crater

Tonight Rúv did show a new video of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano crater area. But the Rúv News team accompanied the scientist up too the top of Eyjafjallajökull volcano in order too view the crater that is there, and the lave field that did flow from the top crater. According to the news on Rúv it is going to take many years until the glacier recovers fully from the year 2010 eruption in Eyjafjallajökull volcano. As the lava field is up too 100 meters thick due the cooling from the glacier when it did flow form the crater in the eruption.

Rúv News. Use Google translate with the hope that it might translate…or not.

Eyjafjallajökull rannsakaður (Rú, Icelandic)

Vísindamenn ofan í gígum Eyjafjallajökuls (Rú, Windows Media Player required, Icelandic, at the end of the news on Rúv)

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      1. Dr Richard Oliver is saying that the words “did go up” can be substituted by the single word “went” in your sentance. Actually, to say the same thing you would need to say “went up”
        did go = went It’s just shorter so most English people say that.

      2. If you are going to correct grammar, please review your own spelling before you post. SENTENCE, not sentAnce.

  1. My friends i find this comentary in other forum, there are any credibility in it? ” Katla – 80% chance of a catastrophic eruption during 2011
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    There is a rumor floating around in scientific circles, that a BGS insider

    at a private party in Peterborough last weekend had one to many drinks

    and let a cat out of the bag. Apparently, there is a hot debate ensuing

    over whether-or-not to publicly sound the Katla Alarm.

    At issue, newly installed sensors recorded massive week over week expansion rates

    of buldge accelleration on the northeast rim during all of February.

    Evidence is mounting that Katla is filling her cauldron and the charts are eerily

    similar to Mt. Saint Hellen’s in the months before her 1980 errupted.

    At the core of the rumor, resides the allegation that top BGS officials believe

    Katla has a better than 80% chance of a catastrophic eruption during 2011

    that may shutdown large sections of eastern Europe for months. ” Thank’s

    1. Nobody knows when Katla volcano is going too erupt. As it is going to remain rather quiet until the few hours the eruption is about to begin.

    2. Luis, either you or someone else made the same post and quote on GodLikeProductions web site and the message forum on Yahoo for Oracle stock.

      Someone heavy into shorting would definately benefit from rumor driven fear.

      What is very strange though is that susequent to your post, there has been a significant uptick in quake activity…well… in the NE rim of the Katla caldera.

      Hmmm…UAL is kinda at a little high lately…smirk

      1. Correction: Didn’t see the portion of Luis’s post re: finding this in other forums so it may have originated elsewhere such as “Godlikeproductions” I am not sure also of the timing of the post with the quake activity in Katla in the NE rim.

      2. Yes i see it there, so i think to post here and hask to more experienced people… thank’s

  2. @Jón:
    I’m not sure whether we should be grateful for the presence of a human spell checker in your blog.
    At worst, we would be deprived of your direct and unique way of expressing yourself, which can’t possibly be imitated.
    I must confess that, were you writing in Icelandic, I wouldn’t feel as comfortable. Since it is not the case, I can only thank you for the invaluable work you have been doing in your blog, providing us, in this your personal and unique style, invaluable information, that soar far beyond any orthodoxy.

    1. I do my best with the english. It is going to get better as I write more. But the problem is that there are many types of english. I am using British english and U.S english, in a bit of a mix. But that is just sometimes. I use UK english most of the time.

      I regards to the text above. It needed too re-write the text when I did add more clarifying information too it. I don’t use human spelling, just the one build in Firefox (some of the time).

      1. You are doing great, Jón.
        No need for a spell checker, be it human or whatever.
        Even though Dr. Richard Oliver may think otherwise.
        BTW, who is Dr. Richard Oliver? Somekind of a guardian of the Engish language?

      2. Just wait until I start writing in spanish, france, danish and german. But I am going to learn those languages too. Along with Portuguese and few others. 🙂

        Danish is going along just fine for me now. 🙂

      3. Hehe!
        Can’t think of a wiser person to do so.
        Congrats, Jón. 🙂

      4. I need to learn those languages. At least French and Spanish. As I am thinking about moving to Spain and live in a town (maybe Irún) close the border with French (like, so close that I would be able to see over to France every day). But I have 5 to 10 years to figure that part out. So far I am just wondering ideas at the moment.

        I also want to learn German because it is widely spoken in Europe (oblivious fact actually). I also plan to spend some time in Germany and study the West Eifel Volcanic Field.

        I am also going to spend good time in France and study Chaîne des Puys volcanic field.

        I am going to study both areas when I have time. However that might go.

        I have grown tired of my life being at standstill, as it has been for the last 10 years or so. So I am going to work on too change that. It is going to take good 10 years to get that plan in motion and place all the right pieces into the right place.

        It might be that Denmark did not work out for me. But I have released that I did not find my self in Denmark. Something is missing. I hope to find it in Spain. I am soon going to know. As before I move there, I am going to travel a lot too Spain too prepare properly for that move.

        That is my status today. Few weeks before I move back to Iceland.

        For those how are wondering. Germany as a place to move too has been permanently cancelled in my plans. It does not appear to fit me at closer look. But anyone how was willing too help me. I say big thank you! 🙂

      5. It is fine Jon. It is mostly correct English, just not the way we would use it, but still correct. You carry on and use it your way. We understand it and that is the main thing. Your English is infinitely better than my Icelandic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Back to volcanoes:
    There has been indeed a lot of subtle activity going under Mýrdalsjökull. I can’t say for sure if it is due to a closer monitoring system or if something is really cooking underneath.
    Let us wait and see. 🙂

  4. Jon i always have great respect to anyone who can speak and write in english as we are to lazy or stupid to try your language so RESPECT and your doing fine

  5. I fully agree with the others here. Jon, your English skills are very good. I see many postings at other Internet sites where people intentionally write in bad English because they are lazy (i.e. they write everything in small letters, without periods and commas). This is something I don’t like. Maybe Dr. Oliver should go there and he’ll have a full time job correcting these people.

  6. Does anyone think Katla is flexing it’s muscles at the moment or is this normal coming towards the summer?

  7. Accepting that the “rumour” post above is just that – a rumour, it got me wondering. Does anyone know what the latest inflation measurements are at Katla?

    1. Ya, I was wondering that myself, just to dispell the rumor re: increased inflation during Feb.

  8. There are more sensors around Katla volcano. So more earthquakes are going too appear on the Icelandic Met Office Map. I do not know the exact rate. But there is going too be a increase in earthquakes seen.

    It does not have too mean anything.

  9. The recent earthquake swarm at Katla had an earthquake at 20.6km depth. This has happened before, very interesting.

    1. There where two 20 km deep earthquakes in this area in the last 24 hours. One was in Eyjafjallajökull volcano and one was in the Katla volcano caldera.

      The earthquake swarm in Katla volcano is however interesting, as I have not seen this happen in many years now. Last earthquake swarm like this did happen in the year 2003 or 2004 far as I can remember.

      But from what I can gather, it appears that earthquake activity is increasing in Katla volcano. Some of the earthquakes detected can be contributed too more SIL stations around Katla volcano. But even so it seems that earthquake activity is increasing in Katla volcano.

      This is currently under monitoring on my part. So I am not yet ready to write about it, as I know too little what is going on in Katla volcano at the moment.

      1. Yes, there are now more stations measuring – but why did they put in so many more measuring stations at a point when it looked to us as though everything had pretty much settled down? Did they know something which we did not know, or was it merely that they were ordered soon after the Eyjafjallajökull eruption and it took that long to get the new stations delivered and set up?

      2. Basically it was due to the ash chaos. Everybody wants to avoid it to happen again, so it is easy to collect money for the new stations during the chaos and install them right after the situation has settled down a bit near Myrdalsjökull.

  10. Sorry could someone tell me as i don’t know iceland why are there so many tremors on the Reykjanes Peninsula.
    sorry if it’s a silly

  11. Jon, for someone who is not a native speaker, you are great at writing in English. While you do occasionally misspell a word, sometimes turning it into a new word, I see that all the time when grading lab reports in the United States, sometimes with humorous results.

    However, if you want to improve, there is one area you could work on.

    For the past tense of verbs, you often write, “did XXXXX,” such as with “did go,” “did erupt,” or “did begin.” Everyone will understand you if you write it that way, but it would be more appropriate to use the past tense of those verbs, such as “went,” “erupted,” or “began.”

    1. Actually he does remarkably well. I’m a native (US) English speaker, and have only learned enough of other languages to realized that English is a seriously bastardized tongue. It’s sort of a common landing zone that people use to communicate, and incorporates odd grammatical rules incorporated from other languages… as well as a large quantity of “loan words” that have accumulated since it’s days as old English. Hell, we even lost that cute little þ.

      1. I know he’s good. Believe me, I’ve seen a lot worse from native speakers. English is crazy sometimes. I’m just giving a little advice in case Jon wants to get better.

    2. Jon,

      You also seem to mix “who” and “how” sometimes.

    1. Austmannsbunga is moving to the east, it is now at 40mm given this GPS data on this web site. It is hard to know for sure how much it has moved due to holes in the data stream during the winter.

  12. Ah… so GLP strikes again. I’m surprised that the Katla issue didn’t state “I had sex with an alien, ask me a question” woven into it.

  13. Could Jón (or someone) please explain (again, I know)
    A) Why do we see an EQ of a negative magnitude like this morning at Katla and
    B) what is the connection or significance of that if any too the quality of the EQ

    Dags: Þriðjudagur 17.05.2011, Tími 03:17:54, Dýpi 22,9 km, Stærð -0,9 Gæði 32,21 8,5 km N af Hábungu

    1. Magnitude scale is lagarithmic, hence it has no “zero” = absolute base line. Going down from M2.? comes M1.?, then M0.?, then M-1.?, and so on… Negative magnitudes mean just “really small” quakes. Our ability to see them is due to better, lower self-noise instrumentation.

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