Deep earthquake in Herðurbreiðarfjöll volcano (Askja volcano fissure swarm)

Today at 06:57 UTC in Iceland there was a ML0.2 earthquake east of Herðurbreiðarfjöll volcano. While the size of this earthquake is really small. It is the depth that is interesting in this case. The depth of this earthquake was at 25,7 km depth. This is a interesting depth given the increase in earthquake activity in Askja volcano.

According to my geological map (a rather new one) the mountain named Herðubreiðarfjöll is a volcano that is inside Askja volcano fissure swarm. A common thing that happens in Iceland. This area has many active fault lines and has erupted in modern time. But I do not know when this volcano last erupted, as there are no information on Herðurbreiðarfjöll volcano activity in the GVP database and I have not found anything useful on the internet about this volcano.

Earthquake activity continues in Askja volcano. But at slower rate then before. Other then this, it is quiet in Iceland as it has been for the past few weeks.

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  1. Friday 13.05.2011 14:01:12 63.685 -19.115 8.5 km 3.2 35.31 8.3 km NE of Goðabunga

    It might be to low quailty to stay like this

  2. That was quick, its gone, nothing left. I am so so happy nothing will happen for today. 😛

    1. I find the earthquakes (although they are very small ones) close to Katla quite interesting. There was also an interesting temporary increase of low frequency tremor picked up by Lagu Hvolar (hvo) station:

      Must not mean anything, but it seems to me that activity in the Myrdallsjökull has increased during the past weeks.

      1. I agree and am wondering what this all means. At first I thought it may be due to snow/ice melt, but some of them seem to have been too deep for that.

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