Kverkfjöll volcano shows sign of activity

One of Vatnajökull volcanoes named Kverkfjöll is starting to show again signs of activity. But few years (Week 31 2005, Week 35 2005, more data here) ago Kverkfjöll broke few decades of silence with a swarm of earthquakes. But most of them where small earthquakes and not many of them did reach ML3.0 in size.

In last week (Week 39 2010) there where few earthquakes in Kverkfjöll. But those where just few earthquakes, not a real swarm of earthquakes. Over the years there have been earthquakes (Week 7, 2003) in Kverkfjöll so this might not be so uncommon happening. But for the most part, Kverkfjöll normally don’t show much activity besides hot springs and boiled soil.

Last eruption in Kverkfjöll did happen in the year 1968 and in the year 1959 according to Global Volcanism Program.

I do not believe that Kverkfjöll are going to erupt soon. But things might get interesting in Kverkfjöll in 5 to 10 years from now. But it might take longer or shorter, the wait for Kverkfjöll however has started.

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  1. Hehe! To cover the Eyjafjalla eruptions, no less than seven webcams + one thermal cam were deployed iirc by Mila and Vodafone. How many would be needed in order to adequately cover all the likely possibilities at Vatnajökull? Hamarinn, Bardarbunga, Grímsfjall, Kistufell and Kverkfjöll, hmm… would 50 webcams be enough?

  2. OT: found this blog and am very happy to see many “old” aqaintances from Klemetti’s blog. Although I’m mostly lurking, I enjoy reading and following the news about volcanos. especcially the Icelandic ones.
    Have a nice day every one. 🙂

  3. @Henrik: You will also have to set up radio systems to transmit this data. And power supplies. There is nothing present in this area in contrast to the Eyjafjallajökull area. Although the inner Fljotshlid area is already quite remote, you will still get a gsm signal there.

  4. Can anyone take a look at the tremor plots for HLA HVE HRN and maybe shed some light on what they are saying. I myself cannot read them well enough to see if there are any pulses indicated. Thank You Just trying to learn

  5. Thanks, Jon, for you help. I think it has worked this time! Nice to be able to post and see what you have to say about what is going on.

  6. ooooooooo, Diane got a monocle….. makes her look all intelligent and royal like!
    Perfect fit, Diane! ;)……….. isn’t it nice to have someone on site (so to speak) who has the inside info on the Iceland volcanoes? Thanks, Jon! i try to imagine the remoteness of Vatnajökull….. quite the experience. OT… i had visitors from Israel once and they were impressed with Alaska’s ‘feel’ ……….. “I begin to see the appeal of this country”, she said, ” It is something that comes up from the ground.” …………i expect Iceland has something of the same but perhaps in a more refined essence.
    There is something about a land that makes you look at yourself more closely and at the same time makes you loose yourself more fully.
    Yeah,,,,,,, it’s hard to explain.
    Best! to You, Jon and keep us who are far away more connected.

  7. @ Motsfo – I can see what you are getting at. I live in sweden and we do have some cold unhospitable land but nothing that even comes close to what you guys have and the people of iceland. It is really “the wild”. But still I can grasp a small part of the feeling you describe. As mankind goes into these remote and unhospitable areas they realize that man itself isnt “all that”…When facing the elements we come to terms that we are quite puny in the face of mother earth. And when you are up there…along way from anything that even resembles civilization…You start thinking of the bigger issues…Man and nature. To be honest i think more people should do it if they get the chance..It makes you more humble in the face of life, mankind and all things living.

  8. I just spent the entire day driving in the Interstate in Florida. It’s a bad day to ride a motorcycle here, dragonflies as thick as gnats. Thank God I don’t bike.

  9. There is something about a land that makes you look at yourself more closely and at the same time makes you loose yourself more fully. I like it..Are you a poet by trade? 🙂 It describes a feeling which is very hard to describe. 🙂 I will use in other situations if you dont mind?

  10. Diane N CA: It was worth waiting so long to get registered – yours is the cutest avatar from us all – monocle. Cool!

  11. There’s been alot of activity around Bardarbunga (lacking the proper letters over here), and especially Hamrinum and Kistufelli show pretty deep tremors – any chance the tremors can be related to a possible eruption over there?

  12. @ motsfo and Daniel. I think I can relate a bit to this feeling. Wenn I’m in the mountains, way above the treelevel. Just nature, and this is not the cuddly warm nature-feeling, but the immens difference between life and stone…
    ähm – I don’t think I get it right. It is clear in my mind what I mean, but…

    Oh well, this is what makes this community so interesting: science, expierence, a bit phylosophy, some jokes… just like real life *s*

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