Earthquake activity in Hekla volcano continues

Today (27-March-2014) during the night three earthquakes took place in Hekla volcano. This were typical earthquakes and like those that have been taking place earlier in March. What this earthquake activity means I do not yet know. The magnitude of this earthquakes was in the range of 0,7 to 0,8 with the depth of 9,7 to 8,3 km.

The earthquakes in Hekla volcano system. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Meteorological Office.

So far there are no signs of an imminent eruption in Hekla volcano. It remains unclear what this earthquake activity means. Since Hekla volcano normally does not have this type of activity before an eruption. But everything is a first sometimes.

Geophone network

Due to some type of internet failure my geophone at Hekla volcano is not updating. It is working but only in local capability. I am not receiving the data from it over the internet as I should do normally. I do not know when this is going to be fixed. This also means that the web camera (I don’t own them or run them) are also not updating for the same reason. Míla web camera for Hekla volcano is working, but it is at greater distance.

The geophone at Bjarghús is offline due to connection issue with 3G. I am currently working on solving this issue. I hope that it is resolved tomorrow (before the weekend). That geophone is also working but I am not receiving its data over the internet.

Eyrarbakki geophone station is no longer in operation. The person who was hosting it for me was unable to host it any more. The hardware is going to be re-located in Húnaþing Vestra in December. I don’t have an location yet for it. But I am working on finding an new location for it.