Magnitude Mw5,9 earthquake in Eastern Mediterranean Sea

While Iceland is quiet I am going to start writing about earthquake activity around the world. I can’t write about eruptions that are happening globally, because I lack the knowledge to do so. This articles won’t be detailed. Just short information about earthquakes above magnitude Mw5,0 in Europe and earthquakes above Mw6,0 in the rest of the world. I’ll continue to write this articles until the quiet period stops in Iceland.

Today (25. January 2023) at 12:37 UTC (14:37 EET) an magnitude Mw5,9 earthquake took place just off the coast of Greece and Turkey. This earthquake was felt according to reports from EMSC over a wide area. I don’t know if any damage happened. More information about this earthquake can be found here on EMSC website.

Earthquakes in this part of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea are subduction earthquakes. As the ocean plate of the African plate is being pushed under the Euroasian plate. List of tectonic plates can be found here (Wikipedia).