Support to buy two geophones stations for Eyrarbakki and Katla volcano

I am asking for donations so that I can buy two geophone stations for Eyrarbakki town for SISZ and Reykjanes monitoring. The second geophone goes close to Katla volcano so I can monitor what happens there. The total cost is like this just for the basic geophone hardware. Not counting computers and other costs that I have too cover.

2 – PSN-ADC-USB Version III (USB version) = $175.00 each, total = $350.00
2 – PSN-ADC-EQAMP with 3 channels = $145.00 each, total = $290.00
2 – Mounting Kits @ $10.00 each, total = $20.00
2 – Garmin GPS 18x LVC OEM Timing System @ $80.00 each, total = $160.00
2 – Metal Enclosure @ $50.00 each, total = $100.00
2 – L15B Used Geophone with wires @ $110.00 each, total = $220.00
Shipping = $88.00
Total = $1228.00USD (904.600EUR, 6,731.18 DKK)

Amount at the moment (13:35 UTC, 1 October, 2011): 3,926.44 DKK

The hardware that I want to buy can be looked at here (pictures).

This donation button allows people to donate in USD. Use the donation button on the sidebar to donate in Euro.

So far I got 1,045.81 DKK in donations. But I also need some for the custom and VAT when I import this to Iceland. But I am sure think that the custom is going to 10% on some of this and the VAT rate is 25,5% of the price (plus customs). I am no good in math, so I am not sure how much amount this is going to be. I also want to buy backup power if I can, but that costs 101,69USD, 553,04DKK, 74,33EUR, 11950ISK.

I also need two computers. But those I need to get from somebody that lives in Iceland. They need to be able to run Windows XP and that needs to be legal too. Other versions of Windows are good too. But they have to support IPv6, as I plan to move my whole geophone network to IPv6 soon as it is supported by the software that I use. I plan to set-up this two new geophones soon as I can.

Update 1: About the PC issue that has been discussed in comments. If anyone has a suggestion about a embedded hardware that is cheap and might even run Windows XP (a minimal if I am too use that). Please let me know in the comments. I am also willing to run embedded linux software on the remote stations if it works with the software that I am using. That software is WinSDR.

Donations in other currencies (by request)

Danish Krona, DKK.

British Pound, GBP.

Swedish Krona, SEK.

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    1. Jon you see this one? 1101023 30/09/2011 11:46:40 27.5327 -18.2859 33 2.4 mbLg ATLÁNTICO-CANARIAS This one is very deep… it’s strange!

  1. Thursday 29th September 2011
    Hierro Volcano, Canary Islands
    Earthquakes continue at Hierro volcano in the Canary Islands. Since July 2011 over 8000 small earthquakes have been recorded at the volcano. Yesterday an earthquake of magnitude 3.5 occurred. Deformation has increased significantly at the volcano in the past week. On 23rd September 2011 the alert level was raised to YELLOW. Some residents have been evacuated from near the volcano. Earthquakes are occurring in the northwest of the island at the location of a landslide that created a 100 metre high tsunami about 50,000 years ago. A major debris avalanche occurred on the northern flank of Hierro Island, dated about 13,000 years ago. It had a width of 15 km and a scarp height of 1000 m. The landslide deposited 150-180 cubic km of debris on the seafloor down to a depth of 3000 m.
    More on Hierro volcano…
    Volcanoes of Canary Islands…

  2. I had a look at the paper on Hierro posted here earlier, and some quite spectacular landslides have indeed originated from the island. Is there still some un-slid material left, and is there a risk that the earthquakes or an eruption could trigger another big landslide?

  3. New maga injection has started in El Hierro it seems. But I base that on the current earthquake pattern that is taking place in El Hierro at the moment.

    Special blog post on El Hierro in few hours on this blog later tonight. 🙂

    1. Could you also include links and information in your next post for those who want to follow the unrest in real time? Thanks in advance.

  4. Weird phases in Iceland’s tremor measurement. Not enough energy though to cost us sleep this night.
    Or does anything look as usual to you guys that watch this plots more than I?

    1. No an expert at all but I have been wondering whether most of tremor plots have been more lively than when I first started watching in June this year.

      ASB appears to have just woken up with a start.

      1. It seems they have been working today with some seismometers in Borgarfjörður, there was also a 5,… earthquake in this area on IMO which was later on taken out. And ASB is in this area.

      1. No, but I have been guiding people around the country in the summertime, so I had to be informed about the weather and the road conditions. Can be really important in Iceland. Under the mountains e.g. Hafnarfjall near Borgarnes, gusts (vindhviður in Icelandic) can become really nasty.

      2. Oh, I remember nice experiences on Sprengisandur and small “roads” I couldn’t resist to try. Yes, you quickly learn that fording is to be taken seriously, and the road info is precious indeed… 🙂
        For you it might sound silly, but guide in Iceland sounds like a dream to me. In 30 years when I get retired, I’ll get a 4×4 camper and spend 3 month a year photographing this most fantastic place on earth. 🙂

  5. About computers you need, will a laptop do the job, or does it have to be a desktop computer? I might be able to get my hands on couple about 1-2years old working laptops with licenced xp/vita/7 for about 50-150€/piece. If i buy them from here(finland), and send them to you, would the shipping cost/customs fee be too high?

    1. Laptops do not work for this. As they cannot handle being on for 24/7 all year around.

      I need normal desktop computers until I can write my own embedded software for WinSDR client and the embedded hardware that I need to set-up.

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