It is preferred that people support my work with bank donation since they are more secure and regulated by law. If you are in Europe (EU+EEA+UK+Switzerland) you can use SEPA bank transfer. It should be free or just cost like any local bank transfer in your country.

If you are outside of Europe it is possible to SWIFT bank transfer but those cost and you have to ask your bank about that cost. SWIFT bank transfers take 5 to 10 workdays to complete.

Please update your bank information to my latest Iceland bank information if you used earlier bank information.
Bank information gets update every once in a while when a plan change happens, even if what I am planning is many years away.

PayPal donations

The quick and easy way to support my work is by using PayPal. But that might  requires a account with PayPal. Account requirements depends on your country.

If you are inside Europe. I prefer that donations are done with a bank transfer. Since that is more secure than using PayPal. I only have PayPal so people outside Europe can support my work since banks outside of Europe might not support international bank transfer with the SWIFT system, since that the second way to support my work with direct bank donations. SWIFT transfers are however more expensive then PayPal donations.

Bank information – SWIFT (International) and SEPA (EU)

Name: Jón Frímann Jónsson/Jon Frimann Jonsson
IBAN: IS250159260100141607804369
Bank: Landsbankinn hf
Country: Ísland/Iceland

Donations help me writing about earthquakes and volcanoes in Iceland. Advertisement help but income from advertisement goes up and down depending on factors that are random. Bank transfer is a secure way to support my work with donations and unlike PayPal, secure way to support my work.

16 Replies to “Donations”

  1. Why is moneybookers overlined?

    I want to give a small donation but I refuse to use paypal, you have any bank account number or any other way to donate?

    PS. why move to denmark, they cant make good beer.


    1. I currently do not have a MoneyBookers account. I am not going to have MoneyBookers account until I move back to Denmark.

      I can give you internatl code for my danish bank account if you want to donate to that. But if you are in Iceland. I can give you my Icelandic bank account information.

  2. Hi Jon,

    I’m silently following your blog since months….
    I went in Iceland for the 5th time this summer, (the day after Mulakvisl bridge was over). I went to some places i didn’t knew or i never sawn under clear weather since now. I discovered always those amazing lanscapes with so much pleasure : Maelifell, Basar, Thakgill, Oeferufoss and so on.
    I donate today ’cause i think your geophones help us to understand what’s happening in Iceland.
    You’re doing a very job on your blog, i find it very interseting : i find there a lot of clever people talking about volcanoes and many rare pdf documents to read.
    One last thing : do you know its because of Heymaey eruption, when i was a child i became interested in volcanoes ,

    Best regards from France (near Auvergne volcanoes…)

  3. Sæll Jón og til hamingju með árafmælið.
    Þú mátt gjarnan senda mér reikningsnúmerið þitt þer á landi svo ég geti notað heimabankann.

  4. Hello Jon,
    i want to donate directly, but they say the swift is not correct or to short? Can you help?

  5. Happily subscribing Jon as I feel that you have been contributing so much over the past year or so, I just love your blog …thanks though to Carl, Lurking, Diana, Geoloco, Karen, Peter and so many others for there contributions for without them this blog wouldnt be the same…..

    1. I do have an postal address now in Denmark. Please contact me with an email. But transferring donations to me with your bank is far more safer then any transfer of money via the post.

  6. Hi Jon – I follow your blog because I once visited Iceland and I am fascinated by volcanos. I find it very interesting. I would like to donate but I cannot afford to donate every month. Can you set up for occasional donations where the donor decides the amount?


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