Weather warning for South to North Iceland

Tomorrow (Sunday 13-March-2016) extremely bad weather is expected on south to north Iceland. The weather is also not going to be good in other parts of Iceland, but it is going to be far worse in south Iceland, western Iceland and north-western Iceland. With wind reaching 32m/s (115km/h) and with far stronger wind gusts. Today the weather has also not been good, but tomorrow it is going to be worse. Roads are going to get closed, as did happen today (12-March-2016). If you are in Iceland follow the closures since in this type of weather a rescue mission might not be possible due the the weather. The rescue crews might not even attempt reaching stuck people if it comes down to it. Since this strong wind is going to be followed by a warm weather and heavy snow melt at the same time, there is a risk of local floods in the next 24 hours.

Its going to be bad weather tomorrow. Follow the advice given in this weather. Copyright of this image belongs to Iceland Met Office.

This is only the weather forecast today. Tomorrow might get a lot worse if the weather forecast is off, that often happens in Iceland due to random factors of nature.

Weather warning for Iceland 30-December-2015

The weather forecast for Iceland on 30-December-2015 is looking really bad. The worst weather is going to be in eastern Iceland and possibly in western Iceland. It is not known where the worst wind is going to be exactly, but it is going to be real bad weather in eastern Iceland. UK Met Office has named this storm Frank, news about it can be found here (BBC Weather). The main risk is strong wind and rain.

This storm is also going to create a major problems in Faroe Islands and in the general area around Iceland.

The storm system low in hPa. Images are from this blog here (in Icelandic).

The storm system. Copyright of this image belongs to Iceland Met Office.

The storm system.Copyright of this image belongs to Iceland Met Office.

I’m going to update this article as needed if everything goes bad when the storm arrives in Iceland on 30-December-2015.

Update 1

There was a storm in east Iceland yesterday. Creating a flood and snow-mud slides. One of those mud slides took out one SIL station.

The SIL station at Aðalból is now off-line due to mud-flood in that area. The image above shows when the mud-slide hits the SIL station and damages or destroys it. Copyright of this image belongs to Iceland Met Office.

Image of the mud-slide can be found here. Washington Post has news article about this storm and it can be read here.

New wind forecast for Iceland on 30-December-2015. Copyright of this image belongs to Iceland Met Office.

Flight delays should be expect according to FlightRadar24.

Update 2

Eastern part of Iceland got hit bad in this weather. North Iceland (eastern and western) are next going to be hit with this weather, it is not going to be as bad as in eastern Iceland. Mudslides also fell, damaging roads and creating other issues. Flooding was also a major problem in eastern Iceland. Some road damage has happened, but I don’t know the extent of at the moment. The lowest air pressure measured was 930 hPa according to Iceland Met Office.

News with images and videos of the storm in eastern Iceland (in Icelandic)

Aurskriður féllu í Fljótsdal (Rú
Malbikið flettist af veginum í Eskifirði (Rú, images)
Ótrúlegar myndir frá Eskifirði (Rú, videos)

Svipmyndir frá Eskifirði morguninn eftir storminn (Ví, images)
Sjóhús svo gott sem farið: „Aldrei kynnst öðru eins“ (Ví, images, video)

I don’t know when the weather is going to be fully over, but the worst appears to be over currently. I’m going to update this article as more information comes in.


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Article updated at 17:55 UTC.

Article updated at 16:03 UTC on 30-December-2015.

Weather warning for Iceland Monday-07 and 08-Tuesday December-2015

Weather warning for Iceland on 07 and 08 December-2015.

If you are a tourist and if you know a tourist in Iceland at the moment. Please follow the following advice given by the Iceland Met Office.

After 15:00 UTC it is advised against all travel tomorrow, even in emergency. If you have an emergency during the storm contact 112 for advice and help. Problems with power and communication problems can and should be expected tomorrow during the duration of the storm.

I’m expecting both of my geophone to stop working at some time during this storm, due to power loss, loss of 3G signal or WiMax signal (Heklubyggð) or some other issues that might appear during this storm. Nothing can be done about this and I just hope for the best during this weather.

Wind forecast for tomorrow at 22:00 UTC. This is highly dangerous weather.

Please read the following news in English about the coming weather in Iceland on Monday.

Hurricane-force winds tomorrow (Rú
Violent storm with total white out to hit Iceland on Monday (
Hurricane force winds predicted for tomorrow (

Please check Iceland Met Office website and Facebook page for more details about this weather.

Update 1

The National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police in association with the District Commissioners in Iceland declares an uncertainty phase due to weather forecast from the meteorological office of a violent storm with hurrican force winds in all areas of Iceland
Travel advisory for all areas is in effect. Travellers are advised to avoid travelling in the South of Iceland from 1200 and in other areas from 1700. Uncertainty phase/level is characterized by an event which has already started and could lead to a threat to people, communities or the environment. At this stage the collaboration and coordination between the Civil Protection Authorities and stakeholders begins. Monitoring, assessment, research and evaluation of the situation is increased. The event is defined and a hazard assessment is conducted regularly..

(Almannavarnir Facebook page)

Update 2

Two of Vegagerðin wind stations that monitor wind did go down.

This is under Eyjafjöllum. Copyright of this image belongs to Vegagerðin in Iceland.

South of Eyjafjallajökull volcano. Copyright of this image belongs to Vegagerðin in Iceland.

Article updated at 17:48 UTC.
Article updated at 11:18 UTC on 07-December-2015
Article updated at 06:17 UTC on 08-December-2015