Earthquake activity in Oddnýjarhnjúkur-Langjökull volcano (Hveravellir)

Most of April there has been a earthquake swarm in the volcano of Oddnýjarhnjúkur-Langjökull (Hveravellir). This is in the north-east end of the volcano. At the writing of this article no earthquake has reached magnitude of Mw3,0.

Red dots east of Langjökull glacier showing the earthquake activity in Hveravellir area
Earthquake activity in Hveravellir area east of Langjökull glacier. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

This area seems to have earthquake activity every 5 to 10 years. With last earthquake activity in this area happening in November-2007. Some smaller earthquake activity happens between larger earthquake swarms. It is unclear what is going on there, but for now this just looks like tectonic activity. Because of lack of seismometers in this part of Iceland. Only the largest earthquakes are being shown on the earthquake map that Icelandic Met Office has. That is earthquakes with magnitude above Mw1,3. Earthquake swarm at more distance from Hveravellir can’t be ruled out. There are now around 12 year since last such earthquake swarm took place close to Blöndulón lake (a dam created lake in this area).


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