Earthquake with magnitude Mw3,6 in Grímsfjall volcano, no eruption yet

I’ve been trying to wait for information about the activity in Grímsfjall volcano. A new cauldron was discovered yesterday (05-December-2021). It is possible that an small eruption took place in the side of Grímsfjall volcano and didn’t break the glacier. It might have been a short eruption if that is what happened. Harmonic tremor data is unclear on this so I can’t give any good answer. At 06:16 UTC an earthquake with magnitude of Mw3,6 took place. I poorly recorded it my seismometer and it seems to have been a low period earthquake. Suggesting that a magma pushing up was the reason this earthquake happened.

Earthquake activity in Grímsfjall volcano in the centre of Vatnajökull glacier. Green star shows the Mw3,6 earthquake
Earthquake activity in Grímsfjall volcano. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

It is impossible to know what is going to happen in a volcano. It might be months or even years until Grímsfjall volcano erupts next time. Currently data does not suggest that an eruption is about to happen. That can change without warning at any time.


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