Glacier flood starting from Grímsfjall volcano

It was announced today (24-November-2021) that Grímsvötn lake in Grímsfjall volcano is about to start. It is going to take the glacier flood few hours to days to get to the glacier rivers that flow south of Vatnajökull glacier.

This also risks an eruption starting in Grímsfjall volcano. If that actually happens remains to be seen. Last glacier flood in Grímsvötn lake was in 2018, but that did not result in a eruption.

2 Replies to “Glacier flood starting from Grímsfjall volcano”

  1. Nothing major in any way, for the record.

    I just noticed that Gígjukvísl has risen about 6-8 cm in the last few hours. The temperature of the water has also risen consistently. Don’t know if this is a result of precipitation, or the start of a hlaup . Conductivity remains stable at around 480 microsiemens/cm so far.

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