Deep earthquakes in Katla volcano

During the night of 11-April-2021 deep earthquakes took place in Katla volcano. Depth of this earthquakes was from 22,1 km to 24,5 km.

Earthquke activity in Katla volcano caldera rim and in east-west direction
Deep earthquake activity in Katla volcano. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

All of the earthquakes where small in magnitude and none of them did get to magnitude of Mw1,0. Earlier in the morning a swarm of smaller earthquakes took place at shallow depth but those are probably not connected to this deep earthquake activity. This earthquake activity has stopped and I am not expecting anything more to happen.

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  1. I saw it. They remark that as a plume gets older the gas turns to particles, which cause breathing problems and hospital visits when this “mature” plume returns to Iceland, but since it is not a gas by then there are no warnings about it.

  2. I think a new fissure has opened near to the original one. On the MBL camera behind the cars.

  3. Four new vents did open up. Between vents 1 and 3 and new one between vents 3 and 2. Lava is now flowing over a walking path in the area. That walking path had been moved few days ago because of this risk.

  4. I am not a chemical geologist and I don’t know what you are refereeing to. I have not seen any reports about Helium 4 in the reports about the eruption in Fagradalsfjall mountain.

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