Update on the activity between Keilir and Fagradalsfjall mountains

This is a short article written on 17-March-2021 at 17:49 UTC. The situation can change without warning.

It has been less activity in in Fagradalsfjall volcano (Krýsuvík volcano). Current day to day change is not a lot at the writing of this article but it is also possible that bad weather that is now passing over Iceland is masking some of the smaller earthquakes in the dyke between Keilir mountain and Fagradalsfjall mountain. Inflation continues at what seems to be about the same rate as yesterday (16-March-2021).

Earthquake activity shows but less then in last few days. Most of the red dots are located between mountain Keilir and Fagradalsfjall mountain after change in earthquake after the weekend
Earthquake activity in Fagradalsfjall volcano located between Keilir mountain and Fagradalsfjall mountain. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

Number of strong earthquakes has dropped after the strong earthquake activity during last weekend (12 to 14 March). What also changed is that the dyke can’t move more south then it already has. It seems that it hit a impasse in the crust that it was unable to break or go around (harder crust is the most common why this happens). The current status is a waiting for the eruption to start and when that happens is impossible to know.

Since there is not a lot of change going on at the writing of this article I am going to slow down the number of updates I am posting. Next update is going to be when something happens or at the latest Monday 22-March 2021.

Web cameras

Beint vefstreymi af skjálftasvæðinu – Borgarfjall (Rúv.is) If an eruption happens it might be visible hereThis web camera no longer works.
Beint vefstreymi af skjálftasvæðinu – EfstaleitiThis web camera no longer works.
Road camera 1
Road camera 2 (night vision/infrared)
Live from Iceland – Keilir – This web camera is working (I think).


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Article updated on 18-March-2021 at 20:07. Web camera updates.

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  1. People can now donate to me monthly again with PayPal. Everything continues to locked with Google Adsense and I don’t know why that happened or when it is going to be resolved if it ever gets resolved.

  2. The page on Rúv.is for Beint vefstreymi af skjálftasvæðinu – Borgarfjall has been updated: March 18, 2021 – The webcam no longer broadcasts from Nátthaga.

    1. I did notice that. I am not sure what web cameras are working now. I am looking around for new cameras but there might not be any working now.

  3. Jón, this is looking rather interesting and possibly concerning. I know it is said there is no interaction with the lava corridor at Fagradalsfjall/Keilir/Nátthagi, but the volcanic systems in these parts are close and could there be an ‘interraction’ going on here with this latest swarm?

  4. I get the distinct impression that no one can say with any real conviction what is going to happen next. This event doesn’t conform with studied history and current science. Interesting times.

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