Strong earthquake activity in Fagradalsfjall volcano

This article is short because the situation is always changing. Article is written at 07-March-2021 at 23:10 UTC.

At 00:22 UTC and until around 00:42 UTC an harmonic tremor was detected in Fagradalsfjall volcano. While this harmonic tremor only lasted for 20 minutes it started an earthquake swarm around 01:00 UTC that lasted until around 04:00 and the largest earthquake in that swarm had a magnitude of Mw5,0 to Mw5,2 (USGS/EMSC) at 02:01 UTC. Every day from 2500 to 3000 or more earthquakes are being recorded. Since 24-February-2021 over 24000 earthquakes have been recorded in this earthquake swarm. There is a massive inflation happening from Fagradalsfjall volcano and that is what is causing the earthquakes west and east of the dyke location between Fagradalsfjall mountain and Keilir mountain. Resulting in large earthquakes like the Mw5,0. Many of the earthquakes are happening close to the town of Grindavík and people there can’t sleep due to earthquake activity and the ongoing earthquake activity that is now happening at every minute.

Heavy earthquake activity on Reykjanes peninsula. Total of 68 green stars on the map and over 2600 other earthquakes of smaller magnitude are shown on the map at different age
Heavy earthquake activity in Fagradalsfjall volcano. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

It is now possible to check the inflation by viewing this GPS data website. Another website with GPS data can be found here and its is called Crustal Deformation.

More strong earthquakes are expected. If anything major happens I’ll post update soon as possible.

Web cameras directly streaming

Beint vefstreymi af skjálftasvæðinu – Efstaleiti
Beint vefstreymi af skjálftasvæðinu – Vogastapi (Rú
Keilir í beinni (
Óróasvæðið í beinni útsendingu (Ví
Live from Iceland
Keilir og skjálftasvæðið (YouTube)
Road camera 1
Road camera 2 (night vision/infrared)

Update 8-March-2021

A news article has been published showing the road damage from the recent earthquake activity. This is close to the HS Orka energy plant on Reykjanes peninsula.

Mal­bik sprungið við HS Orku í Grinda­vík (, Icelandic, Pictures)

Article updated at 01:31 UTC.
Article updated at 04:36 UTC. Fixed web camera link that was broken (YouTube)
Article updated at 16:58 UTC on 8-March-2021. Fixed Rúv web camera link.

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  1. Since there has not been a lot of change in activity in recent day I am switching to different update schedule. Next update is going to be on Wednesday 10-March-2021 unless something major happens. Since this is a active volcano that is now active for the first time in 12000 years that might happen.

  2. Seem like there is steam coming from
    a fissure line Fagradalsfjelll, visible on youtube can , can some one confirm this ?

  3. I am only seeing rain happening on several web cameras that I checked. If steam would have been spotted I think the news would have reported it by now.

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