Magma injection confirmed in Krýsuvík volcano [Updated article]

Today (1-March-2021) it was confirmed that Krýsuvík volcano is having a large magma injection from depth into the shallower layers of the crust. Resulting in the current earthquake swarm. At the writing of this article it seems that the magma is located at around 6 km depth. Detected displacement by GPS recordings is now more than 30cm according to the news and scientists.

Rainbow map showing the displacement. Largest dispacement is more than 30cm currently
Inflation map of Reykjanes peninsula showing displacement. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

The image above is from here on Facebook. What is also interesting is the activity in Reykjanes volcano. There have also been earthquakes in Reykjanes volcano but they have been fewer but not necessarily smaller in magnitude

Next article is going to be tomorrow (02-March-2021) if nothing major happens.

Update 2-March-2021 at 13:40 UTC

This morning it was confirmed that the volcano that is having a major dyke intrusion is the volcano Krýsuvík and not the volcano Reykjanes as I first thought since earthquake activity for the last 14 months has been most active in this volcano. This article has been corrected in light of this information. The border between the two volcanoes is little unclear on the map and even different between maps.

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  1. It seems to me that, governo the deformation reached, we are not far at all from eruption. What are the maximum inflactions measured before precedent eruptions in the area? It could dice a good idea not only how far we are from a possible rupture to the surface but, given the rate of inflaction, how many days are left to it. should i say something, i would way a maximum of some weeks. Probably much less.

  2. very, very interesting! thank you for the continuous cover of the events!
    A little question: is this area the same of the seismic sequence one year ago or the two areas are different?

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