Landslide in Seyðisfjörður town damages houses, people evacuated

Over the last few days the town of Seyðisfjörður in eastern Iceland has been dealing with several landslides. During the night of 18-December-2020 a landslide moved a house of its founding and damaged it. Risk of landslides are also in other towns in eastern Iceland. I don’t know anything useful about landslides but the situation has turned bad in eastern Iceland. The reason for the landslides is heavy rain in the area and rain has been more than 200mm during 24 hours according to weather reports. Currently there is no change in the weather forecast until Saturday when the rain is expected to stop. After that there is expected that snowing is going to start as the weather cools in eastern Iceland. Icelandic Met Office website in English.

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Landslide and rain alerts continue in East Iceland (Rú
Aurskriða hrífur hús með sér á Seyðisfirði (Rú, Icelandic) – News report on landslide moving a house off its foundations.

Update at 14:43 UTC

New images from Seyðisfjörður town show the damage that has happened in this landslides during the night. Images can be found in this Icelandic news.

Húsið hefur snúist hálfhring – Myndir (

Article updated at 14:43 UTC.