More landslide problems far south of Akureyri

Today (07-October-2020) has seen more landslide problems in the landslide that did fall yesterday (06-October-2020). The problem today according to the news is water that is flowing in the landslide and is expanding it. Two houses and one summer house have been evacuated because of high risk more landslides in this area. The flow from the landslide has been going into ditches that are around the farms and filling them up. This has resulted in flooding over nearby roads and blocking them.

The changes have not appeared properly in pictures in the news media. Below are the pictures in Icelandic News that I was able to find.

Hús rýmd og enn hætta á aurskriðum (Rú
Loka veg­um og rýma hús eft­ir aur­skriðu (, pictures)

I’ll try to update on this situation if I see any news about this. That might not happen since this might not stay long in the news cycle in Iceland.

Update 1

Rúv News has released a new video of the landslide that shows the area that it covers. There is a lot of water flow in the landslide as can be seen in the video.

Enn vatnsrennsli úr aurskriðunni og grannt fylgst með


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Article updated on 08-October-2020 at 14:21 UTC.