Large landslide far south of Akureyri town

Today (06-October-2020) an large landside took place on a farm far south of Akureyri town. There was no house damage in this landslide but a water well for the farm and other houses was destroyed in this landslide according to the news.

All pictures are from the police of Akureyri / north-east police.

Side view of the landslide.

Side view of the landslide.

Front view of the landslide.

It is unclear why this landslide took place according to the news. Some ideas have connected this landslides to the earthquake activity in Tjörnes Fracture Zone but that connection is unclear at best.

Rúv News has a video that can be viewed below.

Aurskriðan í Eyjafirði mögulega vegna jarðskjálfta (Rú, Icelandic)


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