Unexpected glacier flood from south Langjökull glacier

On Monday 17-August-2020 a glacier flood took place from south Langjökull glacier. This glacier flood seems to have been unexpected and was it seems rather large. It killed fish in the rivers it flooded. This might be connected to a volcano called Presthnjúkar but that remains unclear at the writing of this article. There has been no earthquake or other activity in this area in recent days above background level.

Update 1

This glacier flood took part in the western south part of Langjökull glacier. It is not known the origin of this glacier flood due to cloud cover of the glacier yesterday (19-August-2020).

Update 2

Rúv News published an news today (20-August-2020) with videos of the area where the flood did come from. This was a glacier lake that emptied it self by breaking trough the end of Langjökull glacier resulting in this glacier flood.

News in Icelandic with a video

„Það hefur enginn séð neitt í líkingu við þetta“ (Rúv.is)

Article in Icelandic with pictures

Stór spýja hljóp fram Hvítá og rennsli árinnar nær þrefaldaðist (skessuhorn.is)

Update at 02:50 UTC on 20-August-2020.
Updated at 20:57 UTC on 20-August-2020