Renewed earthquake swarm activity in Tjörnes Fracture Zone (TFZ)

Today (4-August-2020) at 15:16 earthquake with magnitude Mw3,3 took place in Tjörnes Fracture Zone in the area that has been having earthquake swarm since 19-June-2020. Before this earthquake happened an increase in smaller earthquakes happened.

The earthquake swarm in Tjörnes Fracture Zone. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

The earthquake swarm in this area of Tjörnes Fracture Zone is now in its second month and doesn’t show any sign of ending. Currently there is a risk of a magnitude Mw7,0 earthquake in this area while this earthquake swarm continues.


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2 Replies to “Renewed earthquake swarm activity in Tjörnes Fracture Zone (TFZ)”

    1. I don’t worry about it. Grímsvötn erupt regularly and most of those eruptions are small in size or from VEI=2 to VEI=4 in most eruptions. Dyke eruptions that go to the south-west only have every few hundred years and those are a major problem (laki eruption 1783) but since they are rare its not something to worry about. Historical data suggests a strong and long term earthquake activity before such eruption takes place.

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