Transfer to a new hosting finished

I have now finished transferring to a new hosting. This once is located in Iceland and has the name This transfer has mostly been trouble free for me but I am switching systems from what I had (cpanel/CentOs) for the last 10 years so some problems are to be expected while I am fine tuning everything. Please report any website problems here.

Known problems

Resolved problems

If you go the website and go to there is a ssl error. This error can be safely ignored. I am not sure on how to resolve this problem for now but I am searching for a solution. Update. This ssl error seems to have been corrected by an update to the ssl certificate. I now see that ‘www’ is included in the ssl certificate and everything should then be working normally.

Currently offline

Webicorders are offline because I need to create subdomain for them and run that from a server that I host at home. Currently that is not possible for me to do. I might be able to resolve this by August at the earliest. I might be able to resolve this by September at the latest’s.

Updated 16-June-2020 at 19:32 UTC.