Earthquake with magnitude Mw4,2 in Reykjanes volcano


Today (18-March 2020) at 10:32 UTC an earthquake with magnitude of Mw4,2 took place in Reykjanes volcano. This earthquake started a swarm of earthquake that is ongoing at the writing of this article.

The earthquake activity in Reykjanes volcano. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

Earthquake activity is increasing again in this area of Reykjanes peninsula as inflation has resumed but at lower rate then before. That might change as the time goes on. I was unable to record this earthquakes because I am having a major problems with my earthquake computers and Microsoft has disabled activation of Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems so I can’t use them. I am working on a solution but it going to take a little time to implement properly.


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5 Replies to “Earthquake with magnitude Mw4,2 in Reykjanes volcano”

  1. I find it interesting that two systems are having earthquake activity at once. They’re so close I think they must be related (but maybe not).

    How is the covid-19 situation in Iceland? We’ve been distancing for three days and I’m already done with it

  2. Do you think something will come of this Jon? As for COVID-19, I’ve been to the pub twice this week.

    1. Yes, this is going to result in a eruption it is just a question about time and when that might be is a question I do not have an answer to.

      As for covid-19. Don’t go to the pub until the whole thing or a vaccination is available (earliest in 18 to 20 months). This is going to be difficult time and a long time because of this pandemic.

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