Earthquake with magnitude Mw3,1 north-west of Grindavík town

Today (11th February 2020) an earthquake with magnitude Mw3,1 took place north-west of Grindavík town in the volcano of Reykjanes. A second earthquake with magnitude Mw2,6 also took place at the same location.

Current earthquake activity around Grindavík town (Þorbjörn Mountain). Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

Earthquake activity in this area remains the same and is mostly minor earthquakes and that is not a surprise for me. This earthquake activity is in a new area following this magma intrusion and inflation in this area.

Article in wrong place

I did discover that an Icelandic earthquake article had found its way to this website. I don’t know how I got the two websites mixed up. But I have now corrected this and it is on the correct website.


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