Earthquake swarm on Reykjanes ridge (Geirfuglasker area)

Today (5-Januar-2020) an earthquake swarm took place on Reykjanes ridge. Largest earthquake had a magnitude of Mw3,2 at 09:40 UTC and the second largest earthquake had a magnitude of Mw3,1 at 11:19 UTC. Others earthquakes were smaller in magnitude but all of them were stronger than Mw2,0 in magnitude. It is difficult to know for sure if there is going to be a earthquake swarm in this area but the chances are good that is going to happen. It might take few days to weeks until it happens.

The earthquake swarm on the Reykjanes ridge (Geirfuglasker area). Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

At the writing of this article there is no earthquake activity in this area. That might chance without warning.


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