Update two of the earthquake swarm on Reykjanes peninsula, east of Fagradalsfjall mountain

Today (19-December-2019) at 11:20 UTC a earthquake with magnitude of Mw3,5 took place east of Fagradalsfjall mountain. This earthquake was felt in Reykjavík and nearby area. This earthquake was a continuation of the earthquake swarm that started on 15th December 2019 in this area. The activity has dropped from what was before but it is still ongoing mostly.

Earthquake activity on Reykjanes peninsula. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

There are no other updates about this activity so far. I have been waiting today to see if anything more would be happening and it has not. It might happen later if anything happens at all.


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Moving back to Iceland

Living in Denmark just isn’t working for me as I hoped and that is just how it is. That is why I am moving back to Iceland. It is either going to be in February or March depending on factors that I am looking into now (best price for moving my belongings to Iceland). I am not sure yet how I pay for this move since it is going to cost me around 1.091€ to 1.309€. I hope nothing higher than this amount. After this I won’t be moving away from Iceland. I am just going to stay there.

4 Replies to “Update two of the earthquake swarm on Reykjanes peninsula, east of Fagradalsfjall mountain”

  1. C’mon Jon, you really need to stay in Denmark for a while, try to ‘make a go of it’, maybe things will get better. You really can’t afford to move again, anyway, as far as I can see. Hope things do improve for you.

    1. I have seen the numbers on this since I moved back in October and its just not working as is and if it doesn’t work now it’s just not going to work. I’ve done this too many times already. I am already living is as cheap apartment that I can find and this still doesn’t work.

      As for moving cost. I am cutting down the amount of what I am moving with me to Iceland. That means lower costs compared to what I had to pay when I moved to Denmark from Iceland in October. It should be manageable now compared to the problems I was having in October.

      I also get around 60.000 ISK (441€) to 70.000 ISK (515€) more on my social welfare in Iceland when I am living in my own apartment in Iceland compared to when I am living in my own apartment in Denmark. This is because of how the laws work in Iceland.

      Once I am back in Iceland I am not moving back to Denmark or anywhere for that matter. I might maybe change location within Iceland at some time in the future but moving away from Iceland is not something I plan on doing again. That’s just how it is going to be for me.

  2. I am so sorry to hear this. Being a writer of some sort has always been connected to a fight for livelihood and often poverty. You need to find a way of life including your writimg that is sustainable. How can you draw a bigger audience? This is a tricky question and I don`t have a good answer.
    First thing though is to get people chatting at your site. Make people see the discussion when they go to your pages.
    Your knowledge and your articles are interesting!

    1. The biggest audience comes to this website when something is going on in Iceland. The quiet times are marked by the fact that this website doesn’t get a lot of traffic and I don’t use fake information or click bates to drive traffic here. I have been accused of doing that but that is not what I do.

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