Recording of the California, United States, Mw7,1 earthquake

This is my geophone recording of the Mw7,1 earthquake in California. I don’t have any comments on this activity since I don’t know anything about the tectonic settings in California and how the set-up is regarding fault lines and tectonics in this area. I did only record the surface waves clearly and that is unusual given the distance from the source of the earthquake (6756 km).

The Z (vertical) recording.

The North-South recording.

The East-West recording.

The surface waves are strongest on North-South recording. I did not record the Mw6.5 earthquake on the 4th of July.


Due to errors I discovered I have corrected this article and the images used.

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  1. Wow! I am glad I wasn’t around California when that one went off.

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