Earthquake swarm north of Kolbeinsey island

Yesterday (22-May-2019) at 15:47 UTC a magnitude 3,4 earthquake took place around 12 km north of Kolbeinsey Island. This earthquake was part of a small swarm in this area yesterday. It appears to be over but there is a risk of more activity in this area. Due to distance from the coastline and next populated island this earthquake was not felt.

Earthquake north of Kolbeinsey island (green star north of Iceland). Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

Earthquake swarms happen in this area frequently. This is not part of the TFZ but borders it just a little south of this earthquake activity.


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Personal note

I have added a personal note on what is going on with me in the comments. It explains why I changed my mind on moving back to Denmark and other issues that I’ve been dealing with in recent months.

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4 Replies to “Earthquake swarm north of Kolbeinsey island”

  1. Personal note.

    Short version

    About year ago I moved back to Iceland. That didn’t work out and I am now moving back to Denmark in September. I might not move away from Denmark once I move back to Denmark.

    Long version

    About a year ago I moved back to Iceland. This was an attempt to fix my financial situation and to see if I can move back to Iceland. Neither worked out as I hoped. When I moved back to Iceland I did have a major housing issue and it almost did go bad. I managed to get a room and I’ve been working on that from that point. Currently I am living in a studio apartment.

    The financial situation has been difficult and its been worse than it was in Denmark. This is because Iceland is now getting ridiculously expensive and is now way more expensive then Denmark. This has forced me to use money I was planning for other things to buy food. I’ve been documenting that so I can pay my self back soon as possible.

    I am expecting to move back to Denmark by end of August or start of September. Maybe middle of September. Apartments in Denmark are rented at the start or the middle of the month. I am not moving to the same town as I used to live in. This is a larger town (30.000 people) and this is a condo apartment [I think this is a the correct word in English] that I am going to be renting. That is also cheaper rent compared to last place I was renting.

    I don’t expect Denmark to be easy due to costs and taxes and my low income. What I do know for sure that it is going to be easier than living in Iceland just on cost aspect alone.

    I have also figured that I don’t want to live in Iceland. I just don’t. If I want to stay in Denmark for many years is unclear but I am going to stay there for some period of time (few years) once I move back there in September or October.

  2. So I am in Keflivik and man the air stinks of sulfur. Is this a normal occurrence when the wind is from the right direction?

  3. Maybe the wind had blown in from the area around the Svartsengi power station.

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