Update on ongoing earthquake swarm west of Kópasker (Tjörnes Fracture Zone)

The earthquake swarm that started on 23rd of March 2019 west of Kópasker village is ongoing and hasn’t stopped since that time. Number of earthquakes and magnitude of earthquakes have mostly dropped and in last few days there hasn’t been any earthquake that has reached magnitude 3,0 or larger. This might change without warning since this earthquake activity is ongoing.

The earthquake swarm west of Kópasker village. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

According to recent news articles this is the strongest and longest earthquake swarm on this fault since 1991 (28 years) according to data that scientist at Icelandic Met Office looked at in their records. This is as far back their data possibly go back for this part of Iceland. Over 3000 earthquakes have been recorded in this earthquake swarm since it started.


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