Earthquake swarm close to Herðubreið

Since yesterday (18-December-2018) there has been a earthquake swarm close to Herðubreið (Wikipedia). Largest earthquake in this swarm had a magnitude of 2,7. The earthquake swarm is currently ongoing and there is a risk of larger earthquake happening in this area.

Earthquake swarm in Herðubreið area (red dots). Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

Over 140 earthquakes have been recorded so far and since this earthquake swarm is currently ongoing that number is going to change. This earthquake swarm appears to be only tectonic in nature. There is no sign of magma movement in the crust on nearby SIL stations.


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4 Replies to “Earthquake swarm close to Herðubreið”

  1. Hello
    Now we are well over 250 quakes over the last 2 days. Other experts do not exclude that the swarm is related to magma intrusion indeed!
    Stay safe.

  2. Ok, within 2 days there are suddenly 4 earthquake swarms: one at barbardunga, one at Herðubreið, one at Öræfajökull and this afternoon one serious swarm at Reykjanes peninsula. This after months of no serious activity. Can geologist still maintain that there are not directly related to each other? I have seen it happen before but this time, 4 swarms suddenly appearing directly after each other, it makes me think there is some strain, pressure or instability between these locations.

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