Donations needed for new hardware

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The current situation is that my hardware is in need for upgrade and replacement. The fact is that I can’t afford this at the moment on my own. That is why I am asking for donations at the moment so I can upgrade my computer to more modern one and upgrade my earthquake monitoring network to a modern style network.

Main earthquake computer

Current main earthquake computer is no longer functioning due to failure on the motherboard. I need to get a new one and I’ve decided that it is best to just buy a new computer with everything + a new monitor. The computer I want to get costs 114.950 ISK (~884,98€), with some minor modification to it that are going to cost extra. The monitor I want to buy costs 24.950 ISK (~192,09€). This is going to be a Windows 10 Pro computer. I do plan on setting up a Linux computer in the future for earthquake monitoring since I am switching to Raspberry shake seismometers (some months after I finish moving to Spain) and most of the software for those seismometers run on Linux rather than Windows.

Earthquake monitoring network

Due to how old the hardware I am using in my earthquake monitoring network. It has now stopped functioning for most part. Heklubyggð is down due to network problems and is going to quit sometimes in next few months (no date has been set). I don’t know if the network problems are going to be resolved before I have to take Heklubyggð permanently offline. I am currently trying to solve issues with the geophone at Böðvarshólar. That has not been going as well as I hoped. Something happened yesterday and the PC seems to have stopped working as it was supposed to do. I am not sure what the problem is.

Upgrade to Raspberry shake

The hardware that I am now using for my earthquake recording has reached its End Of Life [EOL] some time ago. That is the reason I need to move to Raspberry shake sensor(s). I want to install 3 sensor in Iceland. For the moment however I just want to upgrade the station at Böðvarshólar so I can have some functional monitoring of earthquake activity.

The station I need to buy is this one here along with extra hardware to use with it.

Turnkey IoT All Weather Home Earthquake Monitor | RS 3D – price is 1259,99 USD (1.087,34€)
GPS Antenna – 179USD (154,59€)
External USB connection for All Weather enclosure – 81,99 – 169,99 USD.

Thanks for the support. 🙂

Strong earthquake swarm 88 – 90 km north of Kolbeinsey Island yesterday (8-September-2018)

Yesterday (8-September-2018) there was a strong earthquake swarm 88 to 90 km north of Kolbeinsey Island. Due to distance from the SIL network it is impossible to know how large and strong this earthquake swarm actually was. Largest earthquake reported by Icelandic Met Office had a magnitude of 3,3. Total of ten earthquakes with magnitude 3,0 or larger happened during this earthquake swarm.

Earthquake activity north of Kolbeinsey Island (green stars). Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

Total around 30 earthquakes were detected but it can be assumed that total number of earthquakes might have been higher. At the distance from the SIL network smaller earthquakes are not detected. It is not possible to know for sure what is happening at this location due to distance from the coast and the SIL network.


Please remember to support my work with donations. Thanks for your support. 🙂