Öræfajökull volcano is inflating and preparing for an eruption

In a statement sent out yesterday (13-July-2018) by Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management it is made clear that Öræfajökull volcano is now inflating at considerable rate.

At the moment the amount of magma accumulated inside the mountain is equal to the volume that accumulated inside Eyjafjallajökull volcano before it erupted in 2010. At the moment Öræfajökull volcano continues to collect magma and each time a magma injection happens into Öræfajökull volcano an earthquake swarm happens.

At the moment there are no signs that an eruption is imminent. That might change without warning but I do expect to see earthquakes in the thousands before an eruption happens in Öræfajökull volcano. Until then its just normal monitoring of Öræfajökull volcano earthquake patterns and inflation.

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  2. What hydrology stations are related to Öræfajökull outflows? I’ve been bad at keeping updated on the details during such a slow-ish period in Iceland.

    Hope you are doing well, Jón!

    1. You go here on Icelandic Met Office.


      You click on the station (doesn’t matter what station you choose).

      Then you go Suðausturland -> Kotá or Kvíá

      I am now fine. Was renting a room at nosy location (didn’t do me any good with my asperger’s syndrome) from 19-June until 21-July. I have now moved to my aunt and is renting a room from her at the moment. I am making a good recovery in the asperger’s syndrome department after the interference I suffered at previous location (I won’t go into details).

      Next part of my plan is to move to Spain (cheaper than Denmark) sometimes after February-2019. I am not sure on the details yet. But I do plan on making a trip to Spain in the time period February – April 2019. Details are pending.

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