Felt earthquake north of Grindavík today (18-June-2018)

A magnitude 3,0 earthquake was felt in the village of Grindavík today (18-June-2018) at 10:24 UTC. This earthquake happened 4,3 km north of the village. There were few minor earthquakes that followed the main earthquake.

The earthquake north of Grindavík village. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

Earthquake activity is common in this area and nothing special about this earthquake activity.

Moving back to Denmark

I am moving back to Denmark because I can’t get a apartment in Iceland. This attempt in moving to back to Iceland was a massive mistake on my part and I only blame my self for it. I should be back in Denmark in about 9 to 10 months if everything goes according to plan (and I’ll make sure that it does so). That means from mid-January-2019 to mid-February-2019. Until then I’ll be running at limited capability in writing on this website. This is at least until November when I stop working (because there won’t be any more work to have). If anyone wants to help in moving back to Denmark, donations are welcomed. Thanks for the support. 🙂

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  1. Jón, lovely to hear you have got a room and can concentrate on your summer/autumn work and building up your finances. I know I will echo others when I say you do great work, I always check at least once per day to see if anything has been posted. I have to say I have been somewhat shocked by the dictatorial and extremely judgemental nature of the trolls. It one things to disagree with a person, it is quite another to be so nasty and awful about it.

  2. Uhhgh. Now the housing association I was with send me a bill for 23.581,88 DKK (3.163,90€). They have not deducted the insurance from this price (10.155 DKK/1.362,46€) but even that is going to leave a large budget hole if I cannot get the to change the bill. Since they are making me pay for things that is their responsibility and was already in bad shape when I moved in (and therefore should not be mine to pay).

    If everything fails I’ll send a official complaint in late July about this to the multiplicity in Denmark were I lived. I have also stopped doing business with this rental company in Denmark. If they are going to play this dirty and unfairly.

  3. haha could not find an apartment… how well we knowo that…

    Iceland should really make use of all that foreign builders…

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