Earthquake off the coast of Siglufjörður village

A single magnitude 3,5 earthquake has happened off the coast of Siglufjörður village. At the moment this is the only earthquake that has been detected so far.

The earthquake off the coast of Siglufjörður village (green star). Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

It happens every few months that a single earthquake happens somewhere in Iceland. There is a possibility that more earthquake activity might happen in this location. Sometimes however that does not happen.

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  1. It would be nice if we could get background information and historic information whenever there is an event in Iceland. Just mentioning that there may be more earthquakes but it may not happen either is not very informative. There is your tendency to avoid all possibilities of being wrong about future events. Future earth events can be predicted only when the volcanologist or the geologists has insight in how earthevents are related one to another. Time and again we see your articles on this website that don’t give any new information, no background information and no historic information. Why are you here if on we see the same information. We get more information on your inability to sustain yourself financially than on what is happening beneath Iceland. If you would give us information that we cannot get from internet in another way, some may start supporting you. Just don’t be lazy. Your resources should be reports, books, research, historical accounts, field trips, satelite imagery, photographs, measurements, stories from Iceland, stories from people living nearby volcanoes, reports from flyover airplanes, reports from weatherstations. You know you are doing a good job if your articles are mentioned in the newspapers, if journalists come to interview you, when you are asked to speak at conventions, when touristagencies ask you to speak before their groups of visitors. Just stop being lazy and do your job. I am a coach of profession.

    1. Sometimes there are no historical information to use. That is because the area in question is not known. Historical documentation is poor or does not exist. Science information might not exist because no studies have been done into the area.

      This earthquake was out in the ocean and the fault in question might not be known since there are hundreds of active faults in this area of Iceland.

      Science journals and published articles are subject to copyright and reprint rights and the price of such can run into hundreds of euros that need to be paid yearly or once (depends on the licence agreement for each article and publisher in question). [link 2 as an example.]

      Sometimes there are documents like this but I have to read them to check for if the data is relevant to the activity in question and that takes time. Sometimes I don’t have time to do so because the activity might be advancing quickly or something unexpected might be happening.

      There is no possible way to predict earthquake or volcano activity.

      Science articles on TFZ, (note that there doesn’t seems to be anything the area were this earthquake activity happened yesterday suggesting that no studies have been done into this area and that it rather unknown.)

      Example of reprint requirements,
      Example two,

      Comment has been edited from its original text. Text was removed. Updated at 11:00 UTC on 17-june-2018.

  2. Ignore Professor VosTroll Jon! Those of us who follow your posts understand that you give historical background when its available. Thanks for what you do for us keep up the great work, and ignore the trolls!

  3. A short notice. My main computer is offline and its going to be offline for at least another month. There isn’t anything I can do to change that. My main earthquake computer is going to remain offline until I move back to Denmark (along with my in-house server computer).

    My plan on moving to Iceland has failed completely and the only direction I see that I can do that makes any sense is to move back to Denmark in few months time (I plan on moving between November-2018 or mid-January-2019 or February-2019 but no later than March-2019). Until then I have to rent rooms since that’s the only thing available to me. Getting an apartment is impossible. It is now also clear to me that I am culturally incompatible with Iceland. That’s just how it is.

    Next step is to finish paying off what I have to pay in Denmark and save up money for moving back to Denmark (I’ll move to Germany on later date when I’ve figured things out regarding moving to Germany). This time I’ll be moving to a city called Sønderborg, it has a population of ~28.000 people.

    I don’t expect this move to change much in terms of my financial situation (living in Iceland would also just be around the same in terms of financial situation). What it does change is my housing situation. Since in Denmark at least I can get an apartment easily. The difference is that now I am going to get a cheap condo apartment. The last apartment I was in wasn’t terribly expensive but it extra costs attached to it that condo apartments do not have (I think, or they are paid with the rent).

    I was trying to resolve the issue of always being broke. That didn’t work out and I got no home at the moment since at the moment people have to build their own houses at the moment in Iceland (at least the part I am living in) to resolve their housing problems. I guess the failures of my plan had started to show some months ago but I ignored the warning signs and that was something I should not have done.

    The quickest and most simple solution for me is to move back to Denmark. I hope that cheaper apartment allows for slightly less money problems then I’ve been having. I don’t expect them to go away at the moment (that might happen one day, but not anytime soon as I currently estimate the situation).

  4. Sorry to read you are having to cope with the additional issue of your computer being off-line for at least a month. Glad, though, you have found a room where you can stay for now.

    1. I still haven’t got a room but I am working on it. I should have a stable room to rent after 20-july. I hope to have a temporary room after that in Hvammstangi (that simplifies things for me in many ways).

      I am for sure going to have have an apartment in January or February in Denmark. That is not going to be an issue in my experience (long as I got the money in order).

      After I am back to Denmark what happened now is not going to be repeated. I will not under any circumstances move back to Iceland if I don’t have a place to move to right away. Even if I have money problems in Denmark.

  5. Please note that I’ve changed everything back to Denmark when it comes to donations. This applies to PayPal and direct donations with a bank transfer. My goal now is to simply save up money quickly and fast as possible that I can so I can move back to Denmark (because of complications with getting an apartment in Germany).

    Timezone of this website has also been changed from Reykjavík (UTC/GMT) to Berlin (CET/CEST). This is going to have effects on time stamps of comments and articles.

  6. Everyone, please stop squabbling, it demeans you all. I’m only an amateur but I do find the comments and insights of Jon and other contributors very interesting and informative and I’m learning a lot. Please continue the good work Jon and others. I wish you well, good luck with the job in Iceland and any further moves, but… speaking as a mother and grandma… make sure you have future medical and dental costs covered wherever you are living, the unexpected can happen. I don’t know your disability, but if you could get even a partime job when you move back to Denmark, (which is certainly cheaper than Iceland) it would reduce your financial stress and make your life easier, warmest regards and sorry I’m not in a position to help you financially,

    1. Hello Margareth, I am with you!
      Keep up the good work John.

      Thanks for all the very interesting information you have posted since many years. I wish you all the best and hopefully your private situation will changing soon into a significant better live.

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