Donations needed for May-2018

Please remember to support my work with donations. At the moment my fridge is about to get empty because I don’t have any money to buy anything. The reason is high bill situation in Denmark this month. If I don’t get any donations I am not sure how last weeks in Denmark are going to be for me. I think difficult is going to be a understatement to my problems following this lack of money.

At the moment it is quiet in Iceland besides the ongoing minor earthquake activity in Öræfajökull volcano. Since I mostly cover current activity rather than past events I don’t have a lot to write about at the moment. I do spend the same time working behind the scene on collecting data in order to see if anything is about to happen in Iceland. This type of quiet period do happen every few weeks and last from two weeks and up to several months at the time.

What is also happening is that I am packing my stuff up and moving to Iceland for the next few years. This means I don’t have to deal with bill problems in Denmark after June-2018. I have also made a minor change to my plan and I have cancelled moving to Spain. What I am going to do instead is to find me a rental apartment in Frankfurt Am Main and move there. I am not sure when that happens. The reason for this that I don’t want to owe a bank any money and I am not into the obligations that following owning a house means. I plan on renting form a housing association in Frankfurt Am Main. I don’t know how many there are there but I estimate it to be quite many due to how large population lives in Frankfurt area (more than 6 million in total) so searching for something that works for me is going to take time.

Thanks for the support. 🙂

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  1. Hi Jon,
    I appreciate your work and would like to donate but the procedure asks too many personal data.
    Is there another way? A code that represents a prepaid creditcard?
    Or mail cash?

    1. The only other way I have is donation with a bank transfer if you are in Europe. Today personal information is always a requirement due to anti-money laundry and other financial laws that are in place in EU/Internationally. It is not recommended to send money in the post due to risk of theft.

      Information on bank donations can be found here,

  2. You could also look into possibly accepting bitcoins? Might be an easy way for some readers.

    1. I find the bitcoin to be difficult to deal with and the price is not stable. I also would not have any idea how to exchange it into euro.

      1. There are services such as coinbase or mollie which allow you to accept bitcoins and automatically receive the corresponding price in usd or euros. I have not used them personally but it seems simple enough.
        Just a suggestion though 🙂 I have been reading your blog (silently) for quite some time but I do not own any bitcoins myself.

      2. When I move from Denmark to Iceland the most of my financial problems are over or mostly over.

        Comment updated at 17-May-2018 at 15:01 CEST.

      1. Not an enemy Jon but a critic.

        Are you not collecting full disability pension from the Icelandic government?
        So why e-begging?

      2. You are not a critic. You are just trolling and being nasty. This website is a lot of work. Short articles can take ~1 hour to write (and I wrote one English and one Icelandic articles most of the time).

        What you are also referring is a myth (begging). It has its origin in tabloids of the 19th century.

        As you can read about here.

        You can also read this at Quora.

        As in this answer. My social welfare isn’t high enough to cover all of my expensive (with extra Danish tax on top of everything). That I have always been clear about.

        What is clear is that you clearly are a person that does not like me and you are attacking me at lowest level for easy gain.

  3. Please note that I have gotten enough donations to buy food for the rest of my time in Denmark (until 31st of May). But donations are always welcome because they do help me with costs of the website and other things. Thanks for the support. 🙂

  4. Hi Jon!
    I just read about your plans to change Spain for Frankfurt am Main.
    You’ll probably have reasons for this decision. But prices for housing and living are quite high in Frankfurt (compared to other parts of Germany).
    Just for example, I was born in “Oberhausen” and raised in “Mülheim an der Ruhr”. They are both in the “Ruhrgebiet” a formerly strong industrial area (you might want to read Housing and living in the cities of the Ruhrgebiet (summing up to 5 – 8 million inhabitants, depending on where you see the borders) is a lot cheaper. The international airport of Düsseldorf is just south-west of the Ruhrgebiet an easily accessible by public transportation.

    Housing associations in Germany usually have a waiting list, so please look for housing/get yourself on a waiting list early in advance.

    Just an idea…
    Best regards
    (Actually living in the North of Germany now)

    1. I have checked many places on the map and Frankfurt Am Main is the place I’ve decided that I want to be (if no change happens). I’ve never been there yet but I plan on to change that in few years time.

      I do know about the waiting list when it comes to housing associations. I am expecting it to take me up to 2 to 4 years to get a apartment in a place like Frankfurt Am Main. I don’t plan on living in the complete centre area. What I am going to do is to stay in the outer areas. I don’t know how far outside I am going to be. It depends on what price I am going to find. I have bookmarked what you suggested as a backup plan just in case Frankfurt Am Main doesn’t work out for whatever reason (that can happen). The main reason why my plan might fail is that I would be unable to afford living in Frankfurt Am Main if that is going to be the case I will switch to a cheaper area to live in. But moving to Germany is something I am going to do (after all and many plan changes in the past).

      This is also the price difference in May 2018 between Germany and Iceland.

      The source of the data is website. I thank you for your suggestion. It is welcomed. 🙂

    2. After some thing I have decided to look better into your idea. The area has larger population (8,3+ million) and that is what I am looking for.

    3. I have settled for Düsseldorf ( There is a direct flight to Iceland from that city. The area (Rhine-Ruhr, has 11,3+ million people and that is large enough for me. I don’t know yet about prices on the rental market since I have not yet started that work.

      It is also ~200 km away from Frankfurt Am Mains so I can go there over a week or a weekend trip of I wanted to.

  5. I am not being nasty or trolling you.
    I have read some of your comment on Icelandic news sites and sometimes they are not nice to read. How you reply to people there is sometimes “nasty”

    About your comment that …..”does not like me and you are attacking me at lowest level”
    I have never met you but yes I am pointing out that you are e-begging but I am being critical of that fact but not “attacking you”.

    It takes 2hrs to make a single article 1-4 times a week? You are not working, this is a hobby for you…Isn’t that rewarding? Do you really need to beg for money after each article and even make separate article and ask for money?

    Are you getting full disability pension from the Icelandic welfare system? If your are getting full payment without any extra support (usually that is not the case) that means you are getting 15.000 Dkk a month and we know Denmark is cheaper than Iceland so isn’t that enough?

    But I am happy for you that people donated and you will have food on your table so you don’t need more money to the end of this month while many people here in Iceland that are paying for your disability pension have to go to line next Wednesday to get food support from their local church or “fjölskylduhjálp Íslands”

    1. You are trolling and you clearly have no idea how the pension system works and how it interacts with the Danish tax system due to Iceland – Denmark tax treaty.

      I am far off from having 15.000 DKK a month.

      For your information. Since 2011 I have written 1387 articles to date. How many articles are written each week depends on how much activity is happening in Iceland. Sometimes it is quite like now and other times it is not so quiet.

      I guess that you also want to ban all the YouTubers from asking people supporting them with Patreon or with donations. Some of those have a steady job and don’t make that many videos a year (every few months).

      You’re a twat. That is what you are.

  6. My last comment about your ebegging situation:

    Full payment from Tryggingartofnun after taxes is 243.000Isk after taxes (excluded all extra support)

    “You’re a twat. That is what you are”
    Who is being nasty now?

    If youtubers are making enough money of making videos yes they should not resolve to donation begging..Patreon is different since they are awarding their subscribers if they pay x amount every month but donation begging is another story.

    Stop complaining about your money situation in every post you make…

    1. I don’t understand why you are complaining. You clearly do not read this website and just seem to have come across it last night and the first thing you is to whine about donations. You clearly have no interest in volcanoes or earthquakes in Iceland.

      Go away.

    2. You amount are also wrong (because you have no idea what you are talking about). A person living with others and living abroad (like I am doing) only has 238.594 ISK maximum income a month before tax. That is after tax around 201.000 ISK if a person is living abroad (no special support is then permitted on top as is the case if a person is living in Iceland).

      For anyone that might be interested in the amount of Icelandic social welfare. The numbers can be found here, everything is in ISK.–og-endurhaefingarlifeyrir-utreikningur-lifeyris-og-tengdra-bota-2018-.pdf
      The first row under “Annað” is a person living with others. Second row is a person living alone. All amounts are based on a person living in Iceland and not outside Iceland.

      Currency exchange calculator can be found here,

  7. Jón, I am very pleased to read you have got enough money to ensure your supply of food until you leave Denmark. Your hobby is rewarding but websites and other things related to it certainly cost money. I hope you have a successful return to Iceland and, when the time is right you find the right place to live happily in sustainable circumstances. Wishing you a smooth move.

  8. 12000dkk is more then enough to live ok live in Denmark….As long as you dont live in kobenhavn

  9. I am Not sure what “Robin Hoods” beef(Objections are). As I understand it Jon, who’s interest is seismology and Iceland geology, writes his Blog for the interest of those who have a similar interest. He also from time to time asks for help in covering the expenses he incurs, both to live and to blog. No one is obliged to donate or to render assistance but given your fairly stupid synonym, surly you should be the first to stick your hand in your pocket. I am sure that those of use who do appreciate the work that Jon is doing, and although he has problems at least he is trying to make something of his life.

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