Earthquake swarm 43 km west of Grímsey island

Yesterday (31-March-2018) at 09:35 UTC a magnitude 3,2 earthquake happened 43 km west of Grímsey island. Due to distance from land this earthquake was not felt far as I know. Second largest earthquake had a magnitude of 2,6. All other earthquakes where smaller in magnitude.

The earthquake activity 43 km west of Grímsey island (green star). Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

There is also a developing earthquake swarm just off the coast of Gjögurtá (red dots on the image above). So far it has not resulted in any strong earthquake and its unclear if that is going to happen.

I would have written this article sooner but I fell asleep.


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  1. I am not going to write a whole new article about this. But Bárðarbunga volcano had a earthquake at the depth of 31,6 km. It had a magnitude of 1,1 and is located SSW in Bárðarbunga volcano. Its at the edge of Bárðarbunga volcano main system but not far enough to be part of Hamarinn volcano.

  2. Hello Jón, maybe a bit off topic, but since you are an expert on earthquakes, maybe you know the answer to my question.
    Today there was an earthquake in Bolivia with a magnitude of 6.8.
    The depth was a mindblowing 550 (!) km.
    My question: do you know what may be the probable cause for an earthquake at that depth?
    Thank you in advance for your answer!

    Kind regards,

    Henk Weijerstrass

  3. Hello Jon,
    With all the small earthquake swarms going on in the different volcanoes, I think we are due for a star at any minute. Pressure in Bardarbunga must be to a point of needing a release again.
    I think Katla isn’t far behind in having at least one star in the next couple weeks as well.
    What do you think Jon, are we overdue for some tension releases?


    1. There was a magnitude 3,2 earthquake in Bárðarbunga volcano last week. As activity is going in Iceland at the moment there is a green star every other week or day at times. You won’t have to wait long for it.

      This morning I found two earthquakes on my geophone in north Iceland. They where located way far out in the ocean north of Iceland.

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