Earthquake activity in Öræfajökull volcano

Earthquake activity continues in Öræfajökull volcano and it remains at yellow status [website can be found here]. Like before the earthquake activity is small in magnitude.

The earthquake activity in Öræfajökull volcano (orange dots to the south). Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

There is now a pattern to this earthquake activity. Just and while it happens there are changes in the tremor plot on SIL stations around Öræfajökull volcano. It is possible that this is earthquake activity showing it self on the SIL stations. Other explanations are also possible.

The two spikes after 01/02 line showed up during a earthquake activity in Öræfajökull volcano. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

I don’t know for sure at the moment why this happens or why it shows up as it currently does.

Bad weather is currently blocking detection of small earthquakes in Iceland. A storm is going to pass over Iceland today and a second storm is going to pass over Iceland on Sunday.


Please remember to support my work since February-2018 is going to be really broke for me. Currently I don’t have enough money to pay the electric bills and I am missing close to 700 DKK (94€) so that I can pay it and then there is the whole month left for other things. In this case I need to buy food. Thanks for the support. 🙂

Moving to Iceland

I have managed to move up my plan on moving to Iceland. I can move in July rather than October. It saves me a bit on the tax payments in Denmark as soon as I move to Iceland my tax obligations in Denmark stop (from the day the move of legal home takes place). This is just a case of me not being able to afford on living in Denmark and there is nothing I can do about it. Since people with minor disabilities from a other country don’t get a job in Denmark (I am also uneducated and that doesn’t help).

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  1. “Since people with minor disabilities from a other country don’t get a job in Denmark”

    Whaaat, i think you will have to enplane this statement a little.

    1. Denmark has a system that helps people with disabilities to get jobs. But I would have to be in the Danish system for that to happen. I’m not, I’m in the Icelandic system and because of that I don’t have a right to the help in Denmark.

      They offer to versions of this.

      Skånejob ( – Text is in Danish.
      Fleksjob ( – Text is in Danish.

      But since I’m not in the Danish system (just the Icelandic one)*. I don’t have access to this help. There is nothing I can do about this as this is based on a agreement between Iceland and Denmark (and other Nordic countries). But taxes are a bigger problem since I have to pay extra tax (due to higher tax in Denmark) of my welfare that I get from Iceland. That’s just too high for me so I’ll be moving to Iceland in July and I won’t have that problem there and I’ll finally get rid of my problem of always being broke. Even if Iceland is ridiculously expensive country.

      * This means that I have my disability (asperger’s) estimated and approved in Iceland and not Denmark. It is not possible to transfer such diagnostic between countries.

  2. I think it was self explanatory Emmi Jon is being denied work because of his issue, which is unfortunate but happens many places.

    Seems like there is some plate shifting going on in the Atlantic Jon , USGS has 3 large bumps today:
    Friday 02.02.2018 06:23:56 AM 53.147°N 35.136°W 10 5.1Reykjanes Ridge
    Friday 02.02.2018 08:03:59 AM 53.154°N  35.178°W 10 4.7 Reykjanes Ridge
    Friday 02.02.2018 03:44:51 PM 73.019°N 5.573°E 10 4.4 Greenland Sea
    would these explain some of the activity in Iceland ?

  3. Jón, is there any way you can be assessed as disabled by the authorities in Denmark? I know, though, that you might have to be there a certain time for this to happen. Your explanation is very clear, and although it would seem that entitlement to assistance cannot be transferred is discriminatory, if you cannot be assessed in the country you move to and, thus, given assistance to find work as a person with a disability. This discrimination prevents people from moving between countries in the way others can, but it is an aspect that disability action groups have never dealt with.

    1. The answer to that question is no. As the rules are the rights to benefits for people not born in Denmark increase by years lived in Denmark (the same rules apply in Iceland for people born outside Iceland. That means for Danes too).

      Full rights are granted after 25 years of living in Denmark for people that have move to Denmark. This also goes for old age pension and other benefits.

      I don’t know if this is discriminatory as my rights are guaranteed in Iceland and the social responsibility is with Icelandic social authorities (in accordance with Icelandic laws). The nordic rules are close to the one used in EU when people on benefits move between countries. There is also a lot of extra paperwork for me when I live in a different country. I am free of that problem as well when I move back to Iceland.

      What I am going to do instead in the future is live part of the year elsewhere (I can live for 3 months elsewhere without requirement to register into that country and 186 tax free in most countries in Europe). Not sure yet how and where that is going to be as the plan is just in its basic idea form at the moment.

  4. Once I have an apartment in Iceland. I plan on setting up two web cameras that show the current status where I am going to live. That is going to be in the village of Hvammstangi. That doesn’t allow for direct volcano viewing due to landscape, but gives idea on current weather situation in Iceland and if an volcano ash fall happens due to weather that should also appear clearly on the web cameras.

    Hvammstangi information,
    Hvammstangi tourist information website,

  5. Lets hope we dont see any ash fall ! That stuff is very hard on the lungs I lost serveral friends to it when St Helens ash came up to Creston when I lived there. Both my older neighbours died of lung complications during the months that followed it!

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