Ongoing earthquake swarm in Tjörnes Fracture Zone

Yesterday (31-January-2018) an earthquake swarm continued in Tjörnes Fracture Zone east of Grímsey Island. More than 100 earthquakes happened in the main earthquake swarm yesterday but none of them reached magnitude above 3,0. Strongest magnitude recorded was 2,6 (at 03:46 UTC). Largest earthquake recorded yesterday had a magnitude of 3,2 (at 20:20 UTC) in the earlier earthquake swarm that happened on 28-January-2018. This earthquake is possibly not connected to the earthquake swarm south of it.

The earthquake swarm east of Grímsey Island. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

This earthquake swarm might signal that a large earthquake might happen in this area in coming months. Since earthquakes with magnitudes above Mw5,0 happen regularly in this part of TFZ. Last ones happened 2-April-2013. I wrote about that earthquake here and here (with images). It is not possible to know such a earthquake might happen.


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Moving back to Iceland

Due to the endless tax problems for me in Denmark I have made the chose to move back to Iceland in October-2018. I plan on going to school from January-2019 and be in it until I get an apartment in Hvammstangi, Iceland. I just hope that the wait isn’t too long for an apartment for me. What I plan for living in a other country is that I will be doing part time living in a other country in the future. My chose of country for that is Germany rather than Spain. When that happens I do not know, it is at least not going to happen for several years after I move back to Iceland.