Strong earthquake swarm deep on the Reykjanes ridge

Yesterday (11-January-2018) at 09:46 and 09:50 UTC two strong earthquakes took place around 780 km deep south west of Iceland. The earlier earthquake had a magnitude of Mw5,4 (EMSC information here) and the second earthquake had a magnitude of mb4,9 (EMSC information here).

Earthquake activity deep south of Iceland (green stars). Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

Icelandic Met Office reports in total 7 earthquakes, including the two largest ones that EMSC did record but with lower magnitude. The EMSC magnitude is the correct one. This earthquake swarm starts at 08:37 UTC with a magnitude 4,0 earthquake. It ends at 11:11 UTC with a magnitude 3,6 earthquake. The exact location of this swarm is difficult to know due to the distance it is from any earthquake monitoring network. It is also difficult to know for sure what is going on at this location but the earthquake data suggests that this was just a normal earthquake swarm and not connected to any volcano activity. At this distance smaller earthquakes are not detected (below magnitude of Mw3,6).


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