Test article #2

This article is on the new server (I have confirmed that). Earlier test article is on the old server and does not appear on the new server.

Test image. Copyright of this image belongs to Jón Frímann Jónsson

8 Replies to “Test article #2”

  1. Nicely updated! I think you really would deserve a proper salary for all your work keeping people updated. IMO should hire you, part time at least.

    1. I don’t think that is going to happen (IMO giving me a job). As IMO only writes articles when something major is going on and an occasional news announcement in between.

      I am trying to make a living on this but like with everything on the internet (if you’re not a big, big company) it is difficult to make ends meet. Traffic is improving and that is increasing advertisement revenue. Too bad that Amazon US only sends out checks and Icelandic banks (along with all other banks in Europe) have now stopped accepting and processing checks leaving me bit out of pocket money wise until that issue is fixed (I have sent Amazon US a notice about this problem and I hope for a solution one day).

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