Increase in earthquake activity in Katla volcano

On the 01-October-2017 there was an increase in earthquake activity in Katla volcano. This increase continues but bad weather is making it difficult to monitor this activity. The largest earthquakes so far had the magnitude of 2,6 (two) all other earthquakes have been smaller in magnitude.

The earthquake activity in Katla volcano. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

I have also started to detect low period earthquakes that are possibly from Katla volcano. The increase in that type of activity seems to follow increase in earthquake activity in Katla volcano. Why that happens is not known to me. For the past 48 hours the activity seems to be lower then two days ago, but the weather is bad in the area preventing good detection of small earthquakes in Katla volcano. It also seems that the bad weather has damaged Goðabunga SIL station. It might take a while until Icelandic Met Office can fix Goðabunga SIL station.

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9 Replies to “Increase in earthquake activity in Katla volcano”

  1. What happened around 5 UTC (3. Oct) at Myrdalsjökull on many station around? Some tremor appeared and was gone after a few minutes.

      1. It does look odd. Sure, the noise is reminiscent of wind, but the fact that the rest of the sheet is mostly flatlining makes wind seem unlikely. Judging by the river flow, moving water doesn’t seem very probable either?

    1. Interesting, doesnt appear to be showing on other SIL stations in Iceland from what I can see either

    1. No, the noise or interference on the Myrdalsjökull stations was at around 5 am this morning, lasting for 15-20 minutes. The EQ in southern Vatnajökull was around 2 pm.

    1. Please note that I am moving the website to a new dedicated server today. Your comment might vanish if the database is not synced between the old and new server. I am going to make sure that everything is kept.

      I have not yet moved the dns settings to the new server. So I am holding off writing new articles for the moment.

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