Earthquake swarm west of Langjökull glacier

Yesterday (28-September-2017) a earthquake swarm has been taking place west of Langjökull glacier, it is close to a volcano named Presthnjúkar. It is the same system and inside its fissure swarm. The area in question has known faults from the modern era (12.000 years).

The earthquake activity west of Langjökull glacier. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

Largest earthquakes that happened had the magnitude of 2,8 and 3,1 both where felt by staff of a tourist company that operates in this area. There is no permanent population in this part of Iceland. I don’t know when this area last erupted.


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  1. Info taken from GVP:
    “A major silicic eruption in 1362 CE was Iceland’s largest historical explosive eruption. It and another eruption during 1727-28 were accompanied by major jökulhlaups (glacier outburst floods) that caused property damage and fatalities”.

    This is the last known eruption.

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