Magnitude 3,1 earthquake in Krýsuvík volcano

During the night of 15-July-2017 a magnitude 3,1 earthquake took place in Krýsuvík volcano. This earthquake does not seems to be connected to the volcano it self, rather the tectonic forces that are common in the Reykjanes rift zone that runs in this area with many fault lines.

Activity in Krýsuvík volcano for the last 48 hours. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

Other earthquakes that happened in this swarm had smaller magnitude. It also appears that this earthquake swarm is over. Earthquake swarm like this one are common in this area, it has been quiet for past few months and that is perfectly normal too, since last major earthquake activity happened in Krýsuvík in the year 2000 (several magnitude 5,0 earthquakes) and several magnitude 4,0 earthquakes in the year 2008 following major earthquake activity in SISZ.


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    1. There seems to be one starting or at least some earthquake activity is happening. There is a article about Katla volcano that I wrote yesterday that can be used for those comments.

  1. Anyone notice the 7.7 off the Russia Island of Nikol’skoye part of a 21 quake swarm out there. Pacific plate on the move?

    1. Seems to be a regular activity. A bit large and I recorded it on all of my geophones. I have recorded a larger earthquake from this area, the largest so far is a Mw8.3 earthquake about 10 years ago.

    2. Luckily these 7.5+ EQ’s are extremely rare for Iceland. I don’t know what the largest ever recorded was, maybe a M 8.1 or so in the 18th century, Jon?

      1. Largest earthquakes in Iceland only reach magnitude 7.0 – 7.2. The crust doesn’t carry more stress then that. Last large earthquake in this magnitude range was in 1963 in the western TFZ off the coast of Skagafjörður.

        Magnitude 7.0 earthquakes also happens in eastern part of SISZ since the crust is more dense there and can carry stress that can make a magnitude 7.0. Other parts of Iceland are less likely to have this large earthquake since the crust is thinner.

      1. The campsite in Landmannalaugar was flooded; had to sleep in the car.

    1. It could very well be a monkey sandwich story. Something like a frozen tuna in gala dress passing by. You don’t see that too often. Or read about it. Not even in my newspaper.

  2. It seems like it’s been awhile since Bardarbunga had a 3+ quake. I think it’s due

    1. Bardarbunga is probably looking forward to a “long” period of magma inflation. surely? Quite a lot spilled out in the Holuhraun fields, to say the least. Perhaps it might erupt this early into inflation phase, but it think it will mostly creak for atleast a few years. Just guessing, of course.

    2. Hello Marion, still haven’t thanked you for wishing me good trip: thank you!
      So far have been to Kverjfjöll, Askja, Mývatn, drove the Sprengisandur to Landmannalaugar and after that went to Skogar. Today I walked towards þórsmörk to just across the bridge over the Skogar and then returned to Skogar.
      The sun was shining and it was warm; looked both times in the direction of Katla, but she was peaceful asleep.
      Tomorrow I drive to Grindavík, then via Þhingvellir to Skagaströnd to visit the Icelandic king of country and western, then via the Kjölur to Kerlingarfjöll for a few days and finally a few days at Skaftafell before returning to Seiđisfjörđur to board the Norröna and return to Hirtshals.
      Kind regards, Henk Weijerstrass, Holland.

      P.s.: my applogies Jón, for this (slightly) o/t story…

  3. I am going to write an article about the earthquake activity in Katla volcano later tonight. I’ve just been having problem sleeping in the last few nights due to the high mousture level in the air in recent days. Its been like 70 – 90% inside and outside. It goes up and down and at the moment it is the highest. There is also heavy rain and thunderstorm on the way and I’m going to sleep a little bit before that comes in where I live.

    1. I know how that goes we have had 3 or 4 weeks of no rain until yesterday and its been steady since , every joint in my body is yelling at me and my head feels like its 10 tons of lead!

    2. No need to rush it, Jon. Most important thing for you is to get rest! That kind of humidity can be really awful, especially for someone who has lived a good portion of life in Iceland I imagine.

      The activity looks very much like the typical Katla, how it has been on and off since one year back or so. Sudden ‘pops’ and sometimes larger ‘cracks’, a few deep, but most at surface level. The swarms usually don’t last very long either. Something is causing the cracking, and it surely is not magma moving OUT from the chamber. So , I share Jon’s theories that this activity in Katla is pointing directly towards an imminent eruption. Three years, maximum 🙂

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