Minor earthquake activity in Katla volcano

Today (03-June-2017) there has been a minor earthquake activity in Katla volcano. This was a minor earthquake activity and no earthquake did reach magnitude 2,0. Based on location and depth this activity suggests that magma was on the move inside Katla volcano. Most depth in this earthquake activity was 16,1 km.

Earthquake activity in Katla volcano. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

It seems that for now the activity has quieted down. June is the start of earthquake season in Katla volcano and until December there is going to be increased earthquake activity taking place.


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11 Replies to “Minor earthquake activity in Katla volcano”

  1. And again 3 quakes in Hvannadalshnjúkur; one at a depth of 11 kms. Is this magma on the move Jòn?

    1. Yes, this is magma. The tectonic setting of Öræfajökull doesn’t allow for a lot of tectonic earthquake activity. This means that magma is now actively pushing its way up Öræfajökull volcano and this is at far faster speeds that I ever thought possible.

  2. I spent 6 weeks in Iceland in 1954 with a Royal Navy expedition to survey the area around the Hofsjokull glacier. Just wondering whether there has been any increased volcanic activity in Iceland over the period since then.

  3. Sunday morning there was a quake at Gođabunga at a depth of 25.2 kilometers ( Mw 1.2).

    1. That is a really deep earthquake, since the crust in this part of Iceland is only around 25 – 35 km thick (map and more details here, http://www.tobias-weisenberger.de/6Iceland.html).

      At this depth it is magma that is responsible for earthquake activity. This might mean that something is up in Katla volcano. It might take few days or weeks to show up on the surface with some activity.

  4. I’m not trusting this quiet period. Its way too quiet in Iceland in my view.

    Earthquake activity far east of Iceland continues. Latest earthquake had magnitude 3,8.

  5. There’s an oddly placed quake (m 4.8 23z on 07062017) in the north Pacific. Is it possibly badly located and actually occured on that seamount that’s been rumbling off the coast of Oregon? USGS has virtually zero info on it. Hate to go off topic, but that one seems weird.

    1. And now a 5.3 on the big island of Hawaii at 8.0kms depth. I know all of the big island volcanoes have been rumbly, but that’s the biggest there in awhile. And USGS has reviewed the previous quake I posted, and it appears to be intra-plate as you stated. Right on.

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