Strong earthquake in Bárðarbunga volcano (27-May-2017)

Today (27-May-2017) at 09:36 UTC a magnitude 3,9 earthquake took place in Bárðarbunga volcano. This is a normal earthquake activity in Bárðarbunga volcano. Depth of this earthquake activity is now around 7 km. Other earthquakes in this swarm where smaller in magnitude.

Earthquake activity in Bárðarbunga volcano. Green star shows the magnitude 3,9 earthquake. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

Recent reports from Iceland Civil Disaster Management (Almannavarnir) and Icelandic Met Office there is considerable hydrothermal activity in the caldera and on its rim. Suggesting that Bárðarbunga volcano has not started to cool down after Holuhraun eruption. In the long run this means that there is a good chance that current eruption cycle is far from being over.


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9 Replies to “Strong earthquake in Bárðarbunga volcano (27-May-2017)”

  1. And still very deep quakes at Askja (around 20 kms) and also Hvannadalshnjukur keeps ‘quaking’; not high magnitude, but mostly fairly deep 5-10 kms), always with 99% quality.

    1. That activity is interesting. This should not be happening this fast based on the geology of this area. If this continues as it is now doing there might be an eruption soon in either Esjufjöll or Öræfajökull volcano, maybe both volcanoes.

      This needs serious attention in my view. At least while activity is elevated.

  2. Great update Jon and good note Henk I’ve been watching that as well. Interesting times ahead I think!

  3. Personally, I would be more worried about a volcano eruption than the Climate Agreement.

    1. Warmer climate might lead to more eruptions. Overall, you should worry more about the climate than eruption that often just have minimal damage and that damage is only local. The eruption that create damage over large areas are few and there is long time between those eruptions.

      1. I’m not worried about the agreement, the rest of the world is going to stick to it. The problem is that the U.S is going to pollute a lot in next few years on the basis of “clean coal” (it’s bullshit). That might increase the warming in the long run of the Earth. That’s bad for everyone.

        The effect of this decision are going to be felt long after Donald Trump leaves office and this realm of existence (due to old age).

        I’m going to stick with my rule of not getting closer to the U.S than 2000 km.

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